Publicola: A few more details in the killing of Shaun Harris

Police say they still have no suspects in the September 22 death of Shaun Harris at 26th and Jefferson. Harris was found on the ground outside a red Mercedes convertible after an altercation inside the vehicle around 6:30 a.m. He died from a severe head wound.

Friends and family of Harris set up a memorial at the location where he died and lined the nearby traffic circle with candles.

Jonah at Publicola has uncovered a few more details surrounding the incident, though the circumstances remain unclear:

Immediately following Harris’s murder, a witness apparently saw a woman, holding a set of jumper cables, standing next to Harris’s car. The woman left the scene before officers arrived.

Records also reveal that officers had actually stopped Harris in the South Precinct around 4:00 am that morning, just hours before his murder, with a woman in his car.

Police haven’t identified the woman as a suspect, but she told detectives that she had been with Harris before he was killed. She also told detectives she had called another woman to come pick her up in the Central District—just a block from the scene of the murder—half an hour before Harris was killed.

The affidavit says that as detectives were interviewing the woman, they noticed possible blood stains on the lower portion of her pants.

Police are still working on this strange case and have not named any suspects or made any arrests. A department spokesman said the investigation is “ongoing.

14 thoughts on “Publicola: A few more details in the killing of Shaun Harris

  1. Hah, ya, lets see the “forgive everyone no matter what, as long as it didnt happen to me” comments.

  2. The quicky mart on Jackson is taking odds on this and other crimes in the area. You can bet on various aspects of the crime: Motive, suspect, date it will be solved. Grand slave if you get all three – triples your bet.

  3. Mr. Harris mentored alot of us kids in the how too’s of making in this dead end community. I get by and thanks to Shaun for that.

  4. Agreed Grumbo – inquiring minds would like to know what a convicted criminal can teach the young ones in the ‘hood. From what I gather, Mr Harris hardly “made it.” – him mentoring anyone is akin to Amanda Knox guiding me through the clubs and bars of Italy.

  5. I’m sure the victim of this rapist thug would protest your portrayal. How would he mentor children? I shudder to think.

  6. You guys are retarded who are you to judge someone else? For a crime that happened 25 years, ago? What are you all innoccent? You are taunting other readers to dare go against what your personal thoughts are on a man you dont even know. SMH!
    I actually did know Shaun and I did know he was a sex offender. That didn’t change my oppinion of him. Shaun was a kind and caring person and how dare you tarnish his name when you don’t even know who he is…

  7. Court records show Harris was a Level III sex offender who had an extensive criminal history, including a number of arrests on felony drug charges. He was last arrested Aug. 24 for violating his community custody on a May 2010 drug charge and was released from the King County Jail on Sept. 12, 10 days before his death, jail records show

  8. Why was I deleted? I merely asked how many victims Harris had in the neighborhood. 6? 12? 24?

  9. When are they going to tell us who bashed his head in. That’s what I want to know. There is a maniac on the loose.

  10. Indeed Carl. No progress by SPD? Seems like crime solving rates are pretty low. This is murder not bicycle theft. Was it the cops who done it?

  11. @Ellie: He was arrested no less than a month ago – sure doesn’t sound like a guy trying to turn things around. I’ve never claimed to be perfect but I can tell you with pretty strong conviction that I’ve never raped, stolen or committed any felonies. Sorry but “kind and caring” individuals don’t commit those types of crimes, 25 years ago or not. You’re being quite obtuse.