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Penny Harvest

Penny Harvest ( is a national program in over 900 schools this fall.  In Madrona, St. Therese and Madrona K-8 are participating.  Pennies will be collected at both schools in the month of November.  In the spring, student leadership teams will work with the school communities to decide causes they would like to support, invite organizations to present their missions and award a grant to one of these organizations.

BOOM (Business Owners of Madrona) is hosting collection containers at the following locations to help with the Madrona Penny Harvest:  Arts Aloft, Edward Jones, Kismet Salon, Verite / Cupcake Royale, Nena, St. Cloud’s, Madrona Alehouse, and Cameos and Crowns.  St. Therese and Madrona K-8 invite the community to support our Penny Harvest.  All community donated coins will be split between the schools. 

The Penny Harvest shows young people they have the ability to make the world a better place by introducing them to the power of philanthropy and service during their formative years.

So if you see a penny….pick it up!  And donate it to the harvest.

2 thoughts on “Penny Harvest

  1. So excited to see this happening in the hood! Also want to add that you don’t have to just give pennies (although pennies are great)- you can give dollars too!