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Middle School Choices – Middle Matters Fair at Hamlin Robinson School

It’s a squirrelly, worrisome time, those middle years between the childhood security of elementary school and the teenage liberation of high school. Boys’ limbs lengthen and girls’ angles turn to curves seemingly overnight. Friendships form and dissolve with lighting speed. New subjects at school — what’s algebra? — loom large.

Middle School is a huge decision and finally there is a community event that will help families navigate the many choices Seattle has to offer. 

On Nov 1, 2011, Hamlin Robinson School hosts a special evening which will help to demystify middle school, the middle school process and how to begin your search.

You have questions about Middle School, they’ll have answers.

The Evening’s Agenda…

  • 6pm Event begins: visit schools’ information tables and the “Cyber Cafe” 
  • (available all evening!)
  • 6:15 Welcome from the Heads of Schools
  • 6:30-7:15 Speaker Karin Kallander: Adolescent Brain Development and Middle School 
  • Student panel
  • 7:30 Speaker Rosetta Lee: Priming Your Student for Learning
  • Q&A

Participating schools include:  Hamlin Robinson SchoolSeattle Girls SchoolHyla Middle SchoolBillings Middle SchoolLake Washington Girls Middle SchoolExplorer West Middle School and Seattle Public Schools

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