Man shot in foot tells police ‘everybody hates’ his gang

Police stopped a man with a gunshot wound to his left foot around 3:45 p.m. October 26. According to the police report, the man admitted to being in a gang that “everybody hates.”

He said he did not know who shot him and was unclear about where the incident happened.

He was transported to the hospital.

Form the police report:

10 thoughts on “Man shot in foot tells police ‘everybody hates’ his gang

  1. Too much is blotted out in this report. How are we to be an informed bunch of neighbors. The police knows what gang it was, but, thinks that is somehow private information? Since when is gang affiliation private? What gang is haning out at 24th and Dearborn (Note this is right behind Parnell’s.

    Note Parnell’s is where all the good little neighborhood boys and girls hang out – if you have been following some of the other threads. We were all asked why we don’t trust these wonderfull kids that are just minding their own business at Parnell’s. Now I feel bad for not having more trust of these wonderfull folks.

    Let’s have Parnell’s condemned and bulldozed. It is time for those creeps to move on. Time for the drug dealers and hos on 23 and Dearborn to get tossed out of Seattle. Let’s send them to San Jose where prostitution and drug dealing are accepted as legal.

  2. Sure would like more info on this shooting. I would bet the “church” location is the NW corner of 23rd and Dearborn. This parking lot accross from the dreaded Parnell’s illicit drug an ho shop is the staging area for delivery. Watchers at the “church” observe the transactions at Parnell’s and then direct runners to deliver the drugs in the Park. They walk over to the bathrooms and as far as 20th to deliver to waiting buyers. The lazy ones just do the deal behind the baseball diamond. The whole park is surrounded by gang security. Some might say they are just innocent kids haning in the park. Seriously – have another look. These guys dominate the park from the middle school to the bathroom. How many of you are actually willing to walk around the backside of the diamond by Washington School? We’ve given up the park and several blocks to the Parnell’s BGD gangsters. Sad, sad, sad. Let’s ask the city to condemn Parnell’s and the church. Park a Patrol care at that intersection on a regular basis. That will drive the thugs over to my block where they can be properly dealt with.

  3. Sad isnt it? That they are allowed to own entire areas when I work 7-5 every day and dont even own my car let alone entire blocks.

  4. I must be blind. We live on west side of Judkins and I walk the park most nights – sometimes to Parnell’s and I dont see any of this.

  5. I understand the not seeing thing Ian. I recently heard a person say that they were now enlightenned to what is really going on, seeing things they did not see before. I think perhaps a better statement is that they have been endarkenned. And I don’t mean that as a all bad thing. What I mean is that we don’t want to speak of, see or even know about the bad guys. And so we don’t. You don’t see it because you don’t want to and your net experience at it. Spend more time just watching. Ask questions as you watch. How long has that guy been standing there. Why is this other person sitting on the bench watching. Why is another person on the corner. Is there a relationship. Why is did this new face meet with that guy then walk across the park and back. Why do they reach in and out of the garbage bag on after another. They don’t appear unusual because you see them everyday. But if you watch closely you will see that they do weird little things that normal folks don’t. They are making exchanges in ways that are difficult to prove. They have look outs posted. The random shout is a warning. It is there Ian. It’s OK if you don’t want to look.