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Japanese Sweet Shop Opens on Jackson

It’s been a long wait, with the signs in the windows for well over a year, but finally, Umai-Do is open! 

The owner Art Oki is still in “soft” opening and said today he expects the grand opening to happen in a couple weeks. He is still working out the hours, but right now, he’s open from 9-6 most days, and 9-4 on Sunday. 

There are a few small tables to have a cup of tea while you eat mochi and other treats.

Japanese Sweet Shop 

1825 S. Jackson Street
Seattle, WA 98144


5 thoughts on “Japanese Sweet Shop Opens on Jackson

  1. Holy crap! I used to pass by that storefront every day when I worked in the ID. It was kind of sad watching the sign change from “Coming in May” to “Coming in June” to “Coming Soon,” and then nothing for over a year.

    My girlfriend is gluten intolerant, and it was really disappointing to learn that Beehive Bakery had to nix their gluten free menu due to lack of kitchen space. If mochi is gluten free, this may become a regular stop for us.

    In any case, it’s great to see some economic activity in this neighborhood. Mr. Oki, I wish you great success.

  2. We stopped in today around 2 pm and they were very open… Of course, like he said, “he’s still working out the hours”. :-) Maybe there was a closed sign up and in my excitement I just walked in and start asking about the different mochi and he was just in there doing something else.

    Definitely try again! His house speciality or signature creation he said is the Imogashi.

  3. It was about 5:30, lights were on, he was in the back. Door was locked and the hours sign said closed Monday and Tuesday, you must have timed it right! :)