Concerned citizens break up violent robbery on Union

Reader Heather T sent us the following note yesterday:

I only know the details 2nd hand but a customer at Tougo Coffee was mentioning that she had to pull over her car and call the police when she saw a gentleman being mugged at the bus stop at 26th and Union. Apparently it was about 10 / 10:30 this morning in broad daylight. The assailants fled in a car but a witness got the license plate number and reported it to the police.

According to police, concerned citizens took action to chase off a violent robber at 26th and Union October 26, some even going as far as following the suspect vehicle to get a better description to give police.

A 30 year-old, well-dressed man was waiting at the westbound bus stop around 10 a.m. playing with his iPhone when the suspect approached and asked him for the time.

The suspect is described as a black male in his 20s, about 5’8″ and 160 lbs. He had short black hair, wearing a white t-shirt, black hooded sweatshirt and brown jacket.

The suspect grabbed the victim’s phone. He then tried to grab the victim’s shoulder bag, but the victim had a good grip on it and a struggle ensued.

The suspect punched the victim in the face multiple times, knocking him to the ground. When the victim tried to get up, the suspect punched him in the face again.

By this time, the struggle has attracted the attention of several passersby, who came to the victim’s aid. Some people driving by the scene turned around and saw an apparent getaway vehicle flee the scene without the suspect, who fled on foot with the victim’s phone.

The witnesses followed the vehicle to a nearby alleyway. The driver was described as a black woman with short braided hair who was barely tall enough to see over the steering wheel. The car is a four-door mid-90s black or dark blue Honda Accord. There was also a three-year-old child in the backseat of the car.

The suspect on foot cut between houses in an apparent attempt to rendezvous with the vehicle. Police searched the area, but were unable to locate either suspect or the suspect vehicle.

The victim was bleeding from his mouth when police arrived. Medics treated him at the scene, but he was not transported to the hospital.

Police ask anyone to call 911 if they see the suspects.

6 thoughts on “Concerned citizens break up violent robbery on Union

  1. Hope everyone is OK .. I walk by this stop everyday. So scary that this happened in broad daylight on such a busy street.

  2. I agree – this is really scary. I hope they catch these creeps and kudos to the people who stopped to help! You are awesome!!!

  3. So glad to hear about fellow citizens stepping up to help someone and fight back against this thuggary! Take back our streets from these a**holes!

  4. I am so thankful for our community members who put themselves out there to assist others who are being threatened and attacked on our streets!

    I am so disgusted that there was a child in the getaway car. This sounds like some sort of ‘family’ robbery plan gone awry. I detest it when children area drawn into these situations and circumstances. I hope this little one gets opportunities to get out of this situation and has some positive role models introduced to his or her life.

  5. All these people fiddling around with their iPhones are seen as easy pickens for these thuggish types. This guy was likely out showing his baby how to do it right. Be on guard and be safe.

  6. great story! any followup?
    iim sure he was just misunderstood victim of police oppression. 10 yrs from now his progeny will be carrying on the family business.

    is there any org that offers free birth control in the area? i would gladly donate.