CHS: Madison Park considers new beach

Madison Park Beach, originally uploaded by thenewamtrak.

It will be summer again, someday. And CD residents could have a little more public beachfront nearby if a plan to tear down a Madison Park Beach fence goes through, our sister site CHS reports.

The Seattle Parks Board is considering a proposal to open up the shoreline on park land just north of the popular beach — a public hearing is scheduled for early November.

The Madison Park Blogger says the neighborhood, in a theme that seems to define Seattle living as the city’s population grows and density increases, is torn:

While we may really be the elitist, keep-it-all-to-ourselves kind of neighborhood that our detractors claim we are, I’d like to think we’re better than that.

The choice before us, I believe, is this: Do we as a community wish we were more like our exclusive enclave, Broadmoor, with its perimeter walls and gate guards? Or are we a neighborhood that believes in sharing with other Seattleites the very amenities that help make this Village by the Lake a joy for those of us lucky enough to live here?

Read more at CHS.

Here’s the meeting poster:


2 thoughts on “CHS: Madison Park considers new beach

  1. About time. I don’t understand how a place like Seattle with so much water and so little of it is open to the public. I’m from Brasil where the shorelines are greatly opened to the masses. In my hometown only, the main shore inside the city is completely open (sandy beaches for over 5 miles), not counting the outskirts. Poor and rich use it. It’s a balsam to all, an enormous break on everybody’s day. I don’t understand why here there’s not a law against it and how they let people (to begin with) make these shores all private. Money maybe? Anyhow, that doesn’t seem very free of the land of freedom.

  2. I say if Parks doesn’t take the fence down by May we go cut it down ourselves. What maniacs put up such a monstrocity? Stalin?

    Ms. Madison – Tear down this fence!

    We CDers are gonna march up their and smash your ugly fence.