22nd Ave inspected for gas leaks following Sunday night’s electrical incident

A small army of Puget Sound Energy workers were out on 22nd Ave Tuesday night executing a twilight inspection of the area where an electrical incident damaged a house Sunday night.

Workers told CDN that there was no report of gas leaks or smells Tuesday night and that the inspection was a routine follow-up to Sunday’s incident.

(Images: CDN)

We don’t yet have all the details on what happened Sunday night. Commenter DoubleDeuceMama shared this unconfirmed account.

I spoke with an electrical inspector from Seattle City Light this afternoon and this is the story: a high voltage line fell last night and landed on another wire that was running into a home. The power surged through that home causing two small fires and basically blowing out the wiring in the entire house. The fallen line also caused a number of the transformers on the block to blow. By 2:30 a.m. last night all but a few houses on 22nd had power. A number of houses on 22nd are still without power as of 5 p.m. this evening. They have been left without power until they can be inspected for damage.

According to Seattle Fire radio reports Sunday night, there was a a natural gas odor reported at the scene of the downed wire at 22nd and Union.

In late September, an explosion at a north Seattle home was determined to have been caused by leaks in a gas line created by electrical arcing.

We’re checking with PSE about the inspection on 22nd Ave and why it’s happening two days following the electrical incident.

5 thoughts on “22nd Ave inspected for gas leaks following Sunday night’s electrical incident

  1. That must be so frustrating for the homeowners whose house had all their electrical wiring fried. I wonder, in a situation like this, if their insurance is supposed to cover this or if the City reimburses them? And where do they live in the meantime?

  2. The insurance company will go after the city, and the city will pay out to the insurance company. If they have a decent policy, it should pay for a place for them to live while the house is being paid for.

  3. This is my house that this happened to. I have USAA and they have been great taking care of me and my wife. I was able to extinguish the fire and turn off the gas main which is the only thing that saved the house. Hopefully life will get back to normal and the whole house will not need to be rewired.

  4. glad to hear you guys are being taken care of! and so glad the house was saved. hang in there!