Taqueria Tres Reyes now has covered seating

Just in time for fall, Taqueria Tres Reyes has installed covered seating near their truck at 21st and Union.

Tres Reyes has been settling in since they opened in May.

In other Union news, I have noticed an open sign a couple times at Magpie next to Tougo Coffee on 18th near the old T.T. Minor building. But shhh! I think it’s supposed to be a soft opening…

10 thoughts on “Taqueria Tres Reyes now has covered seating

  1. I wish they’d paint over the part of their lettering that says Cuban food. I got excited when I saw that and stopped, only to be be disappointed when they said they don’t, that was the last owner of the truck. It’s a bummer, nobody around here has real Cuban sandwiches. Why not? They could have a monopoly on ’em.

  2. Meza?…. it’s not that far, down on 14th

    FYI though – I have never eaten there, nor have I had a cuban sandwich… so I don’t know if they are good or authentic. I just see the sign all the time and think I should probably give them a try some day.

  3. Meza’s sandwiches are good, but they are not even remotely close to what a “real” Cuban sandwich should be. Ditto for Paseo. Not even close. It’s a mystery to me why so many places in Seattle insist on calling their sandwiches Cuban ones, but not one of them actually sells the real thing. Cuban sandwiches aren’t even hard to make, either. Why all the posers?

    If you want to see a good example of a classic Cuban sandwich, look here:


    By the way, this site is awesome for lots of good Cuban food recipes. A good one to try if you’ve never cooked Cuban food before, is Picadillo, under the Main Dishes section. It’s simple to make and really good.

  4. Just curious. What do you consider a “real” cuban sandwich? I ask in earnest as I have been toying with the idea of opening a cafe that includes Cuban food (Union City Cuban food, not Miami). It is hard to make real cuban sandwiches in Seattle though. You have to special order the bread. But then, I rather use an organic healthier alternative as I am not a fan of eating bread made with lard. Ok, maybe I AM a fan, but know I shouldn’t.

  5. @ Jim98122x Oops. Guess we were posting simultaneously. Saw the pics for Cuban Sandwich on your link. Familiar with this site. Must say, not a fan of “Miami” Cuban Sandwiches – too much ham. Next time I have a Cuban Sandwich party (yes, we really do have these), I’ll post and you can join us.

  6. I can’t say I know Union City Cuban food, just Cuban food from Miami, a little from Tampa, and the food I ate in Cuba a few years ago. The “classic” Cuban, i.e, the ones they serve in Miami, was like what I saw in Havana, though of course their ham was shittier. Definitely, Cuban bread is different, but I think you can make it without lard.

    There used to be a food truck on Aurora called Paladar Cubano, that sold real Cuban food, including Cuban sandwiches and Medianoches, made on the right bread. I think they actually baked it themselves. But they closed and became The Chunkey Monkey and ditched the Cuban food for tacos. When that closed, I think this could be the same truck that the people at Tres Reyes bought from them (not sure).

    I think if you did a cafe with Cuban food you’d clean up. The only place in town you can get that now is La Casa del Mojito. THey’re not bad but they’re a bit overpriced, IMHO. And I don’t think they do sandwiches, either.

  7. I would die for a decent Cuban meal in Seattle. I lived in Tampa Bay for several years and fell in love with Cuban food there. If you open a restaurant, I will come. Just make sure there’s piccadillo and frijoles negros on the menu!