Publicola: Tuba Man killer pleads guilty to assault at 23rd and Jackson

Billy Chambers has pleaded guilty to attempted assault and hit-and-run after purposefully running a woman off the road near 23rd and Jackson in June. He could face up to 22 months in prison, according to Publicola.

Chambers, who was previously one of three people found guilty as a juvenile for the 2008 killing to Ed “Tuba Man” McMichael, ran his car into a female victim’s car June 23 after the woman filed a police report against him in reference to an earlier car prowl.

He apparently ran into the back of her car, then pulled up on the passenger side and ran her vehicle off the road where it hit a tree. He then fled.

Publicola reports that this is Chambers’ first strike under Washington’s three strikes law:

Until now, Chambers has managed to skirt Washington’s three strikes law. Chambers’ convictions as a juvenile—for robbery, possession of stolen property, and manslaughter in the Tuba Man case—don’t count as strikes, and his only adult convictions are for theft.

0 thoughts on “Publicola: Tuba Man killer pleads guilty to assault at 23rd and Jackson

  1. The murder of Tuba Man should have resulted in a more serious punishment, and I just don’t see this younge man fully understanding the impact of his actions ( then or now ). The implications of his possibly going to prison for a 22 month sentence, hardly seems it really will long term address correcting him or his problems. Sad to agree, but yes, I suspect we will be hearing about additional problems with this individual in the future!
    As to this latest victim, I still can not say enough about her guts and bravery, and appreciate knowing we have such neighbors locally. Still, she is very fortunate not to have been more seriously injured in this individuals on-going criminal career, and we can pray she has seen the last of him. I wish her the best.

  2. Why is he not being charged with intimidating a witness or some variation if he is terrorizing someone who filed a police report against him?