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House Burglary

Yesterday (9/28) our home on MLK was broken into. Our neighbor next door says he heard a noise at 2pm which was so loud that it shook his house. That noise was the sound of someone kicking our front door off it’s hings. Whoever these crooks were they were quick and on foot. They only took valuables small enough to carry with them. These were probably young or desperate people as they even attempted to steal a change jar that was dropped in our walkway while making their escape.

I refuse to give into paranoia and I’m always the first one to point out all the wonderful things the CD has to offer. None the less, the officer who wrote our report sadly admitted that a string of petty mid-day burglaries have taken place recently all throughout the CD/ Madrona neighborhoods. Please be careful with your homes and families.

One thought on “House Burglary

  1. Do you have a sounding alarm system? A lawn sign warning you have an alarm?

    Are your door hinges and strike plates firmly screwed into the studs with at least 3″ screws? This will keep most doors from being kicked in.