Another mystery ‘shots fired’ report from SPD — This time, East Cherry

Maybe we should just do a “shots fired” open thread for the weekend. No victims, no damage:

On 9/4/11, at approximately 10:10 p.m., officers responded to multiple calls of shots fired in the area of E. Cherry St and 26

th Ave E.  Callers also reported seeing two vehicles driving down the street with the occupants of one vehicle firing at the other.  No one appears to have been injured, and officers did not locate a crime scene or either vehicle.  According to the complainants, the occupants of a Black Dodge Charger were firing at the occupants of a Blue Chevy Caprice. The suspect vehicle was then reported to have fled the area N/B on 26th.

The responding officers did not find the victim vehicle, or any victims.  They did stop one possible suspect vehicle in the immediate area, but it turned out not to be related to the incident.  While the officers were checking the area for the first reported shooting, another call came in reporting shots heard in the area of E. Cherry Street and 19

th Ave E. The officers checked that area, as well as the area around E. Terrace Street and 22ndAve E, which one of the bystanders in the area indicated might be the source of the shots. Again, officers did not find any victims or a scene.

Officers also responded to Harborview Medical Center to check for victims, but there were no reported gunshot victims during this time period. It is not known for sure if these incidents are directly related, but the possibility does exist based on the timing and locations of the calls.

0 thoughts on “Another mystery ‘shots fired’ report from SPD — This time, East Cherry

  1. Those would be 26th, 22nd, and 19th Avenues, with no “East.” Avenues East are north of Denny. But “East” is correct for the streets in this area.

  2. I heard the shots & I live near 19th & Cherry. Is it me or has our neighborhood really gotten worse over the last year?

  3. You have a history of baiting people on this forum J-bum, but I’ll play, just because your response is so idiotic. Shots fired is not acceptable anywhere, anytime. This is not the wild west, we are a civilized people.

  4. that’s not why i’m here. i’m here because it was the only place in seattle proper that i could afford to buy in 1998.

  5. “that’s not why i’m here. i’m here because it was the only place in seattle proper that i could afford to buy in 1998.”

    Well, seeing as you’re such a major weenie, maybe you should have stayed a renter.

    Neighborhood blogs are great. The communication they provide, and the community they build are invaluable. But on the downside, they seem to bring out the wannabe victims in every neighborhood. Get over it, or move to Detroit, where you’ll really have something to whine about.

  6. @ho-hum: what’s your problem? i was simply stating the facts of why i live here, there was no whining. get over yourself.

  7. I hear “shots fired” all the time. Now I can tell the difference between a .38 and a 9mm, is this really news? one time I pulled a slug out of my roof when I went up to some yearly maintenance, should I have called the police and demanded a CSI? Let’s have a little perspective on what is a problem here, cars speeding down my street have the same destructive force as an RPG, and have struck down more children than stray gunfire.

  8. Shots fired and so what – just another day in the ‘hood? Really? I would hope people have higher expectations than that for their neighborhoods. Kids have a greater chance of being struck down by a car…so we should dismiss “stray bullets”? Sorry – but you are part of the problem.

  9. Seriously, acceptance of “stray bullets” shows a serious lack of neighborhood self respect. Expect more from yourself, your neighbors and visitors to the neighborhood.

  10. I for one am not tolerant of it even if some believe it to be status quo for our area. I for one look forward to a brighter future for our neighborhood and a bit of incarceration and reeducation for those that believe gun play to be something its residents will tolerate.

    I will not shy away from a call to 911 nor an appearance in court as a witness against someone who brandishes a weapon for the purposes of intimidation or in commission of a crime.

    For those of you believing this to be one of the charms of the CD/ID, enjoy the gunpowder in your cool-aid. It’s not going to be there forever.

  11. This thread is starting to resemble our political environment, a lot of people slinging insults, very few trying to be helpful or give real information.
    There was a blue Caprice Classic was seen speeding from Barnett that day too. I can’t help but wonder if the news or police reported this earlier, if they’d have a better chance of catching the criminals. I looked everywhere for news regarding what happened at Barnett ON Saturday, and found NOTHING.
    Also, how odd that a neighborhood that’s had sooo many shootings this, has so little police? You’d figure it’d be job security.

  12. I forgot to mention…. that they were holding an anti-violence rally at that park when it happened. It’s ironic that people can shoot up a anti-violence rally and not get caught.

  13. This is a great discussion. CD’er is on to what I think is a major point – Who done it? How can we be a part of the solution if we are unwilling to share all the details. What suspicious vehicles were in the area, what did the people look like. If it was 5 white men with shot guns in a 1990s vintage blue Caprice Classic – Well I’m gonna pay more attention and concern when I see a bunch o white guys cruising down Judkins in said vehicle. I might then notice that it was speeding by again after another shooting and take down it’s plate, or fire a few rounds into the windshield to slow it down. We need to be able to communicate and discuss issues in detail to understand and solve the problems.

  14. Absolutely. Car descriptions, physical descriptions, please. And while we’re at it, let’s learn the difference between a Cadillac and a BMW, and the 70s vs. 80s cars. It can mean the difference between making a call about something suspicious we see later, and not.

    I’ve called about a suspicious car in front of my house before. I sat there on the phone with 911, playing with my child in the yard while I carefully glanced at the car and gave the operator an exact description of the vehicle. Cops showed up in 5 minutes. I knew telling them it was a red car wouldn’t be much help, but a late 80’s red Chrysler 4 door sedan would be a helpful description.

    It’s amazing how much detail we can remember if we challenge ourselves to.

  15. Right. And if it was 5 white guys with shotguns in a blue Caprice Classic, you would sooner be living in Boise or Houston than in our CD. Young black males commit most of the crime in the CD. And remember: It’s not racist if it’s true.

  16. Well, for all I know it was five white guys with shot guns – cause nobody told me any different. If we are going to make assumptions they have to be random. I saw an old woman come up to my door like she need help the other day knocking on my door, then the neighbors. Man, I’m thingking – This could be the shooter. So I started throwing rocks at her and chased her out of the neighborhood. I think she just lives a few doors down, but, you can never be too safe.