2522 E Cherry building joins Second Saturday Art Walk

The Second Saturday Art Walk on E Cherry St just keeps growing. With the Central Space studios next door to Coyote Central at 23rd and Cherry providing an active block of artists in the heart of the CD, a new building with affordable studio space joined the walk for the first time September 2.

2522 E Cherry is already home to several artists and organizations, including Seattle Gay Scene and The Last Quest, a video production company. The building is about half occupied, and rent for the remaining spaces range from $250-350 per month.

Folks from The Last Quest hang out in front of 2522 E Cherry

In just a few years, Cherry St east of 23rd Ave has become a hot spot for artists. With Coyote Central moving in and the low rent studio space at Central Space drawing people of all trades, this year has seen a burst of activity on the street (see our previous story).

One challenge facing the Art Walk is finding a way to activate the block that housed NOVA High School, which separates the block with Central Space and Coyote Central from Twilight Exit (which has been an active participant) and 2522 E Cherry. Arrows drawn with sidewalk chalk led art walkers to the east section of the walk, but it seemed that few people were making trip.

Central Space, the heart of the art walk

It was a little low-key at 2522 Saturday because they decided to take part in the walk only ten days earlier, said Building Manager Les Sterling. But they hope to have a lot more going on at next month’s art walk October 8.

But this reporter has no complaints about the entertainment at 2522. Members of The Last Quest were screening some of their videos Saturday, including a fantastic short documentary about cavy (Guinea Pig) enthusiasts called “WCF?” by Cassidy Dimon and Katie Gregg. If you have ten minutes, it’s really great. Watch it below (you can also buy a copy on DVD).


WCF? from The Last Quest on Vimeo.

0 thoughts on “2522 E Cherry building joins Second Saturday Art Walk

  1. It’s wonderful to see the Central District Art Walk grow and develop! Cheers to all who’ve helped it along the way!

    One little correction- Nova was moved from the Horace Mann building at the end of the 2009 school year- otherwise, the school would definitely be involved in the art walk! We’re just starting our third year in the Meany building near Miller CC. Here’s a photo of a couple of pieces that made the move with the school.

  2. Haha. I didn’t realize how confusing I wrote that. I had that NOVA entryway artwork on Cherry in my head and somehow jumbled it all. Thanks for pointing that out.

  3. I know! I wanted to clarify because it is so confusing to lots of folks- especially as Google still has the school at the old bldg- and some other sources list Nova @ SBOC’s address.

    Anyhoo- yay artwalk!

    Anyone know whatever happened to the folks who were going to do a (mini) micro brewery at Central Space? I met them at a walk in summer 2010- but haven’t seen them since. Are they still around?