Seattle Crime: Man slashed with knife near Judkins Parks

An argument between two men near 23rd and Dearborn August 21 grew heated shortly after 10 p.m., according to Seattle Crime. One of the men pulled a knife and slashed the other in the chin. The victim was taken to the hospital. From Seattle Crime:

A police report says the victim tried to ignore the suspect, who then pulled out a “very large” folding knife and asked the victim “wanna get stuck?”

The suspect then lunged at the victim and slashed him face, cutting a 3-inch gash from the man’s lip to his chin. 

The suspect fled, and the victim ran to a neighbor’s house on 24th and S Lane where they called for police and medics.

0 thoughts on “Seattle Crime: Man slashed with knife near Judkins Parks

  1. It came from a police report, which are often not posted by SPD for many days after they occur. They have to be written, then redacted, before posting. Sometimes we get news of crime as it happens, but not always.

  2. And what could you do eyes if it were posted day after? This is a blog, not a breaking news outlet with real time twitter feed.

  3. boogiewoogie,
    You know full well that it wasn’t someone from Autonomia involved. The people who hang out around Parnell’s do not live in the neighborhood.

  4. I can’t help but think our neighborhood has become some kind of containment area for hookers, dealers, and druggies. Parnell’s should have been shut down years ago, but free enterprise trumps safe streets.

  5. You are right, we are a containment zone. I just read the DESC update story here in the CD news, we need to take a community wide stance or we will be the cities dumping ground again.

  6. Never suggested it was anyone from Autonomia. Just curious if that is where the wounded man went for help.

    Was it?

  7. There is no need for reporting on this garbage. All the parties are members of the black crime mob gang that run this area.