Seattle Crime: Man shot Tuesday night near 24th and Judkins

A man with a gunshot wound showed up at Harborview Medical Center last night around 8 p.m., according to Seattle Crime. The man, whose injuries were not life-threatening, said he had been shot near 24th and S Judkins St.

From Seattle Crime:

Gang unit detectives went to Harborview and spoke with the man, who said he’d been shot about 20 minutes earlier at 24th Ave S and S Judkins.

Almost exactly one hour later, officers spotted a possible suspect in the shooting near 23rd and Jackson. The man took off running when police tried to contact him.

Officers chased him on foot, but weren’t able to catch him.

0 thoughts on “Seattle Crime: Man shot Tuesday night near 24th and Judkins

  1. Alright, we know that crime is down becuase the man say so. Therefor we can assume that this story and all of the other crime stories or a good number of them are false. Certainly there was no man shot on Judkins or I would have known about it as I live right exactly there. Also, all of the crime we do witness is probably a misperception on our parts. Due to predjudice and ignorance we see furtive exchanges and gunshots as crime when this activity is really the cultural norm in the CD.

  2. WOW….JB, you are a moron trying to sound fancy when you really honestly have no clue about what you are talking about. People shooting at each other is not a “cultural norm” in the CD, it is a product of our societies failure as well as other factors. But what it certainly is NOT is a cultural norm. Just because you did not hear or see this incident does not mean it did not happen. Please refrain from using grown up talk because clearly you are not ready for it.

  3. In the face of irrifutable proof of the attempted murder on Judkins I must finally admit that violent crime is a significant problem in the CD. Good thing there are no drug dealers.

  4. I love how in your weird pointless posts you repeatedly attempt to use words you can’t spell. Cracks me up every time! Keep ’em coming, laughter is healthy.


  5. Spelling is over rated, and sum (sic) of us are just not attentive enough to these insignificant details. I notice some of our readers place virtually all of there judgement of credibility on spelling alone. They seem to ignore any real information or value judgements and focus on their excellence in 6th grade grammer. One poor fellow seemed to think this site has a spell checker (it doesn’t). My points are quite simple. We need to have a real discussion and break down the dominance of a few ‘correct’ opiners. We’re all bored with shelly snoot face and her well punctuated(ified) comments on tolerance. Let’s focus on criminals and drive them out. Including the damned aluminum theives that root through our garbage at 0400. Bet they spell worse than me – those dirt bags. And I am a scientist, not a eeengrish majoure.

  6. New ordiance for the city, if you kill it you must eat it within 24 hours. Those never maintained bar b ques at the end of Judkins Park will really have a workout!

  7. Judkinsbum – I make no judgment on your “credibility.” I was simply remarking on how your rampant poor spelling and grammar in your strange rambling nonsensical posts makes me laugh. Please continue! I love it.

    Interesting you should mention spell checkers. Since you’re a self-proclaimed scientist, I would think you could figure out how to use the Internet. It’s not difficult.

  8. Excellent plan eyes. Can’t believe that saying hasn’t been codified in every city. Hang on, need to run this thru da spewling nd gramma chekker to impwoove mi impotance of mynd.

  9. Judkinsbum – now your post is just pointless, but without the previous laugh factor. Maybe stick to being a scientist?

  10. I’d have to agree with Judkinsbum. There have been a lot of hands over the eyes and fingers in the ears when it comes to the problems continuing in this neighborhood with regard to the violence and the posters in the comments. Take a walk and look around for all the red shirts, socks, and hats in the neighborhood. Failures of society or whatever, there are problems and the visibility seems to be increasing. I hope that the changes in demographics can bring about a significant decrease to these problems through education, better parenting (and peers), and intollerance of the b.s.