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Fruit for the Food Bank: Colman Community Harvest

Now in our third year of harvesting unwanted fruit for the food banks and to distribute around the neighborhood, we’re about to kick off a very late fruit season.

The Colman Neighborhood Community Harvest gathers plums, apples, pears, grapes and any other unwanted fruit in the south end of the Central District to take to St. Mary’s Food bank. We’ve gathered over 2500 pounds of free fruit to get to people who can use it and hope to add another half ton this year to that total!

We pick fruit south of Jackson, north of I-90 and between 23rd and MLK. We are once again looking for volunteers to help pick fruit! We do expect another light year of plums, so we will likely have several short days of picking. Kids welcome.

While we don’t harvest north of Jackson, we are interested in helping other harvesting groups get started in the Central District and learning more about the trees north of us! So if you’ve got a tree that needs harvesting, let us know! We are also interested in getting a group together to start planning for winter pruning and fruit tree care: so let us know if you’re an budding orchardist!

Contact Knox at [email protected] to volunteer!

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