City fixes particularly bad section of sidewalk on Cherry

Bumps and cracks in Seattle sidewalks are nothing too out of the ordinary. But the sidewalk at 22nd and Cherry stood out as one of the more far gone sections in the neighborhood.

But not anymore. The city fixed the corner sections of sidewalk on the south side of Cherry at 22nd recently. They also repaired much of the sidewalk between 22nd and 23rd.



In other neighborhood transportation-related photos, I spotted this outside SOHO Coffee at 20th and Yesler. Apparently someone does not like dogs leashed to bike racks (or barking dogs, at least).



0 thoughts on “City fixes particularly bad section of sidewalk on Cherry

  1. Bikes racks are to Bikes not barking dogs
    as Streets are to Cars not angry bikers.

    Nice to see the sidewalk being fixed.

  2. Hey Butch maybe if you say “streets are for cars” three times and click your heels together that will make it true? Let me know. Thanks!

  3. Yeah, and we got 23rd paved from Jackson to Union, so we are not entirely left out of SDOT work here in the CD.

  4. @Ruddy- Try putting a bike rack i within a block of your house and a reason for dog owners to tie them up and leave them, and post your comments after a month or so.

    @Butch- Save your anger for a post that’s related to cars. Or better yet just keep it t yourself.