Two arrested in armed robbery at 21st and Yesler

Two suspects were arrested after they allegedly robbed a person at gunpoint near 21st and Yesler July 16.

The victim was walking home from a convenience store near 20th and Yesler around 10 p.m. when a group of teens came up from behind him and surrounded him. One had a gun and held it to his chest while the others emptied his pockets, according to the police report:

After the suspects fled, the victim ran home and immediately called 911. Officers checked the area, and an unknown woman pointed an officer toward the church at 21st and Fir. Officers located a suspect and chased him down. The victim was able to identify him as one of the people who went through his pockets.

As the officer and victim were driving back to the victim’s home, they noticed another suspect walking near 22nd and Alder. The victim identified him as the suspect who held the gun.

Both suspects were booked, one to King County jail and one to the King County Youth Services Center.

A search of the area by the K9 unit discovered a black and silver .45 caliber handgun and the victim’s cell phone. The gun was submitted to evidence and the phone was returned to the victim.

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  1. And charge them as adults, rats. We need to start sending a message.