Three say robbed at gunpoint at 20th and Yesler

A group of three people walking on 20th Ave early Wednesday morning say they were held up at gunpoint by a team of robbers who fired off two shots to make their point before robbing the group:

Armed robbery, shots fired, in Central District
On July 20th, at approximately 2:10 AM, three victims were walking southbound on 20th Avenue approaching Yesler, when they were accosted by two suspects, one armed with a handgun.  The suspects demanded money and wallets from the victims.  The victims gave the suspects some money, and then continued to walk south across Yesler.  The two suspects continued to follow to 20th and Yesler, when the suspect armed with the gun pulled it out, racked the slide, and fired two shots.  No one was injured.  The suspects fled, and the police were called.  Officers arrived and brought out a K9 team, but the suspects were not located.  Officers did collect some shell casings at the scene.

The suspects were described as:  1) Black male, 18-early 20s, 5′ 9″, 150 pounds, afro with a large ponytail,  wearing a black baseball cap, black coat, and black jeans.  2) Mixed race male, 18-early 20s, 6′ 1″, 155 pounds, wearing a black t shirt.

0 thoughts on “Three say robbed at gunpoint at 20th and Yesler

  1. Shootings, shootings, more shootings, and muggings all around this 6 block radius recently. What’s going on these days?

  2. The description of the suspects sounds like two guys I see all the time in the neighborhood. For sure, a young afro-with-ponytail dude is around here every day, walking up and down Jackson, and he’s often hanging with a tall, skinny, mixed-race looking guy. Could be two totally different dudes, of course.

    So if I see them often, you can be sure the cops do, too. I don’t know if that helps any, but there it is.