Spike in a.m. armed robberies

Hi Neighbors – I’m a reader of Seattlecrime.com, and have noticed a spike in armed robberies recently, in the morning hours and concentrated in the area around where Rainier goes under I-90. I’ve been known to catch a bus down there myself, and thought neighbors should be aware. Here’s some recent crimes—all armed street robberies—with police report details below.

Jul 15 2011 10:36AM – ROBBERY – 23 AV S / S MASSACHUSETTS ST

Jul 14 2011 06:31 AM – STRONG-ARM ROBBERY – 2500 S HOLGATE ST

Jul 11 2011 8:00AM – ROBBERY – 19 AV S / S MASSACHUSETTS ST

Jul 9 2011 10:49AM – ROBBERY – 22 AV S / S GRAND ST

Details of 19th & Mass, Mon 8am: V/ described the suspect as a B/M 5’10, skinny, bushy or curly hair, wearing a red athletic track suit with matching pants. V/ stated she was walking thru TaeJon park (I-90 area) from her house to the bus stop located on Rainier under I-90. This is a routine walk that goes to the bus stop… V/ stated that she was walking at approximately 0755 down a path heading eastbound towards Rainier Ave S. when she heard a click. V/ turned around and the unknown suspect was approximately two feet from her pointing a black pistol at her. …The unknown suspect said “Give me your f***ing purse”…. The unknown suspect grabbed the purse and said, “turn around or I will shoot you” V/ stated she turned around and closed her eyes and the suspect left running in the park.

Details of 22nd & Grand, Sat noonish: [V] had just finished his meal at the teriyaki restaurant at Rainier AV S and S Massachusetts ST and was walking around the area. As he started walking north bound on 22 AV S from S Grand St, he saw a unknown black male start walking towards him. The male was about 35 YOA, 5’9”, stocky build wearing a black jacket, black shirt, black pants, black baseball hat with unknown logo on it, and carrying a green sweatshirt. When he saw the suspect he turned and started walking back towards Rainier AV S. The suspect pulled a black semi automatic pistol with a silver barrel out of the sweatshirt. He said “Give me your wallet? I’m going to pop you”. stated he did not have a wallet as he continued to walk backwards towards Rainier AV S. The suspect said “Give me what you got”, responded that he did not have anything. As they got closer to Rainier AV S the suspect wrapped the gun in the green sweatshirt and ran north bound on 22 AV S.


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  1. I say we get that MR. Big lawnmower hero down to Mass St. and see if he can provoke a shoot out. A little more violence against the true residents is inevitable if you uptights keep worrying over stuff your not involved with.