Man finds thief who stole his lawnmowers, fights him and gets them back

When the suspect approached him at King’s Deli near MLK and Cherry July 16 and offered to sell him two Honda lawnmowers, the man was intrigued. After all, he had two similar lawnmowers stolen from him recently, according to the police report.

He asked the suspect to show him the mowers. Once he confirmed they were his, he confronted the suspect about the mowers being stolen.

The suspect then allegedly pulled out a “razor blade” knife and attempted to open it. The man was able to get the knife out of the suspect’s hands and restrain him until police arrived.

When the officer told him he as being video recorded, the suspect said the officer was being recorded and that he would have Obama fire him.

The man got his mowers back.

From the police report:


0 thoughts on “Man finds thief who stole his lawnmowers, fights him and gets them back

  1. Put up a rare win in the good guy category! Congrats on getting your stolen items back.

  2. The man just can’t let it go and collect his insurance. Gotta get into it and give everyone a hard time. What a jerk.

  3. No insurance payment for a lawn mower, deductible is too high…only an increase in our policy fees. Maybe you are being sarcastic, maybe you think that victims have the responsibility to be burgled, I don’t know…maybe you wnat to clarify.

    C–glad you came out “unharmed”. Probably won’t get your stolen goods back for awhile…