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Call for Sound – Gunpowder Suite on


My name is Chris and I host a show at Hollow Earth Radio ( called Gunpowder Suite.  

Below is a general call for sound I have posted around.  I am sharing it here because I am hoping to collect both produced work and field recordings from our neighborhood.

I would like to encourage people to make recordings around the CD and submit them for airplay.  If this is something you are interested in doing but have no idea where to start, I am more than willing to answer questions/point you to some resources about recording as well.

Thanks for your time & support!


This is a call for music, sound, noise, field recordings, etc. for play on Hollow Earth Radio’s program Gunpowder Suite.

Gunpowder Suite airs Tuesday nights from 9-11pm PST on  The focus is on electronic and experimental music, noise and field recordings, with some genre blur/drift.

What I am looking for/hoping to find:

– experimental/abstract/listening music from the Pacific Northwest, especially from Seattle

– material from female producers

– field recordings focussed on neighborhoods/aspects of Seattle (or the general Pacific Northwest)


If you are interested in contributing, you can check out specifics of the program, including playlists, here:


Downloads would be best (Soundcloud is great), and you can send information to [email protected].  I suggest making sure any mp3 tags are correct/accurate.

Please feel free to share/repost this message.

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