Anniversary picnic marks feminist party’s founding

In July 1966 the Freedom Socialist Party was launched in response to explosive Black civil rights and antiwar activism – a time of upheaval not unlike today. Hear about the raucous debates over leadership, socialism, anarchism and women’s status in society and the movement – as hippies and Marxists alike grappled with the problems facing a new generation of rebels.

July 31 also marks the completion of the four-month Freedom Socialist $80,000 Fund Drive and the festivities will include a toast to the many people who donated their time, skills and money to keep the corporate-free presses rolling!

A summery picnic brunch served from 1:00-2:00pm for a $7.00 donation

5236 S. Fontanelle Place, Seattle
Home of Chris Smith, Doreen McGrath and Doug Barnes.
Come rain or shine!

For more information or directions please call 206-722-2453 or 725-5434 or email [email protected].

0 thoughts on “Anniversary picnic marks feminist party’s founding

  1. Interesting connection as if feminism, socialism, and race equality are three pees in a pod. Guess what, two are kind of the same – equal rights. The other is something your trying to slip in on the good nature of the others. If women are good, socialists are also good. It’s agreat big rainbow! Not coming to your commy house party, creep.

  2. How is today a time of “upheaval.” American society is about the most conservative as it has ever been. The democrats are fighting to inact Republican ideas from the ’90’s. Anti-war activists? where?