Madrona’s new Pritty Boys Pizzeria starts regular hours Saturday

Pritty Boys Family Pizzeria opened quietly May 26 in the space formerly occupied by Dulces at 34th Ave and Pike. Madrona resident and restauranteur Darren Pritt said he started Pritty Boys after he saw a need for a family pizza parlor in the area.

“I grew up going to pizza parlors with my family,” he said. “Slowly, as the Dominos and Pizza Huts of the world started to stress delivery, parlors went by the wayside … I see the pizzeria concept coming back.”

Pritt, who grew up in Bellevue and has lived in Madrona since the early 90s, is part owner of Branzino downtown. He and his wife started Pritty Boys on their own, though not without a little help. The pizza is straight from the mind of chef Byron Hummel, and Pritt says he gives Hummel creative freedom.

“He’s a real pizza artisan, so I let him create the pizza how he wants,” he said. He has also brought Branzino’s recipe for Ricotta Gnocchi, which is one of Branzino’s hit dishes. He also “ripped off Branzino’s” by stocking some of their best wines in the shop.

To top it all off, they sell scoops, cones and sundaes made with Full Tilt Ice Cream inside the restaurant. No need to stay for food, you can just walk in and get ice cream. Now that the Molly Moon’s micro shop is open, there are now two shops on the block selling ice cream.

They can handle groups, have a play area for young kids and have video games and a pinball machine for the older kids/kids at heart.

To order take-out, call 206.257.1319. Small pizzas start at $14 for cheese, plus $1 per topping. Large starts at $17 plus $2 per topping. Their website is not yet up and running (but it’s coming). Hours starting Saturday will be 10:30 a.m. to 9 p.m. Sunday through Thursday, and 10:30 a.m. to 10 p.m. Friday and Saturday.

0 thoughts on “Madrona’s new Pritty Boys Pizzeria starts regular hours Saturday

  1. Did I hear a rumor they’d have a gluten free crust option, or am I just imagining that?

  2. My daughter can’t eat gluten and we get tired of making our own food all the time, so F off, good sir. We make our own pizza every Friday and sometimes it’s nice to be able to go out.

  3. i know that all purpose pizza(29th/jackson) in the hood has gluten free pizza. ;o)

  4. Janine Pritt has assured me that they do have gluten free crust + Daiya dairy free “cheez”. My gluten and dairy-allergic kids are excited to stop by.

  5. I’m no doctor, but maybe it’s something like this for black people:


    This for Jewish people:–Sachs_disease


    This for people of Mediterranean ancestry:

    But probably, you’re not interested in those things. It sounds like you wanted to make some clumsy point about race and privilege, and maybe score a few points in the gentrification wars. There are better ways to do all of that, than to pick on sick people.

  6. Welcome to Madrona, Pritty Boy!

    Any chance we could try to be civil, & hold off attacking people for innocent comments on this website? Geesh, some people are meaner than my oldest sister!

  7. Hours of entertainment provided by reading the comments on this site. Thanks CDN!

  8. The 3 examples cited are all well-characterised very debilitating genetic diseases, not allergies. They are prevalent in different populations for different reasons, I suspect.

    The causes of allergies are not well understood, as far as I know.

  9. Andrew–yup, that’s a good point. How about Celiac disease, which is a genetic disorder whose symptoms include gluten intolerance?

    (But, hey, the main point I was trying to make was that it’s silly to pick on sick people for being sick, and that it’s even sillier to use their illness as ammunition in the battles over gentrification in the CD, or as a straightforward racial attack.)

  10. hilarious! would love to get a few of you together @ Thompson’s POV for a beer.