King 5: Area businesses help keep Queen Underwood fighting

King 5, which has been following local boxing star Queen Underwood, has a new report showing how several Central District businesses are helping the Queen get by. However, in order to get the money she needs to get to London, she’s going to need some bigger investors.

From King 5:

“Three-hundred thousand dollars is what we figure is the bottom line, to and through London,” said Cappy Kotz, the QueenTeam head coach.

They have started by growing the grassroots, reaching out to people and businesses in the Central District neighborhood where Queen trains and Cappy runs his boxing gym. Tougo Coffee gives the Queen free hazelnut lattes, Good Hair Salon on Yesler does all her hair-work, nail-work and image-work, The Feed Bag on Capitol Hill gives her free dog-food.

All of that helps of course, as do the small donations and t-shirt purchases through her website,

The Queen held a community run June 4 from Cappy’s Boxing Gym at 22nd and Union (where she has been training) to Westlake center. Check out the Queen Team Facebook page to see more photos.

From the Queen Team Facebook page


0 thoughts on “King 5: Area businesses help keep Queen Underwood fighting

  1. $300,000??? Is that a typo….don’t they mean $3000 … no trip to Europe would cost that much! She better go pro if they need that much money for her

  2. She is the national champion. Her stipend from USA Boxing from that: $1,000/month. Olympic training is intense and expensive, and she is doing this full-time.

  3. No, it is not a typo. She is training for the Olympics for a total of 18 months. All her training and living expenses cost money. A lot of money. The entire 18 month training period will cost about $300,000.00
    This will include her travel through to the Olympics and 2 months after to get her feet on the ground before she goes back to work.

  4. …and it sure as hell didn’t end up costing anywhere near $300k to qualify. There is something very wrong with that figure. He had to travel all over the world at his (and his wife’s) own expense for almost 2 years to compete in eligible events that would help him qualify for the 2010 Olympics (which he did), and I know that isn’t what it cost them.

    Perhaps this amount is also providing travel and accommodations for an entire team she is using? I can’t figure out any other reason for it to be so astronomically up there.

    It would be nice to see this article fleshed out a little farther!