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EPCPC Meeting re-cap

The East Precinct crime Prevention Coalition (EPCPC) met on Thursday June 23 at the Douglass Truth Library. Our speakers of the evening were Craig Sims from the City Attorney’s office and members of the SPD Gang Unit.  Mr. Sims discussed and answered questions about the budget for the City Attorney’s office and the possible elimination of the two precinct liaison positions. Members of the Gang Unit discussed gang activity in the area and answered questions from concerned residents.

After the precinct update, community concerns were discussed and members of the Colman Neighborhood Association and members of the Autonomia center both mentioned needing to work with outside facilitators to to get a productive dialogue going between the two groups.

Our next meeting is July 28th 6pm at the Douglass Truth Library located off of 23rd and Yesler. 

0 thoughts on “EPCPC Meeting re-cap

  1. Facilitators and a dialogue between Autonomia and the neighbors is not needed at this point. They are operating illegally and just need to leave or stop operating. While the “neighborhood association” may still want to have dialogue, I think many of the people that live nearest to Autonomia are done. Not all of us participate in the neighborhood association, so they are not speaking for the whole neighborhood.

    Last night one of the Autonomia people said threatening things to one of my neighbors. Not the kind of person I want operating a community center on my street. It’s unfortuante, as the idea of Autonomia is good, just being poorly executed due to the attitude and behavior of some of their “volunteers.”

  2. Watch out. Before you know it you will have ten trolls getting in here and defending the autonomia. When any true resident in the area can see the threat being cause in the area. They feel it is a great area to recruit people to their causes and political views. They are targeting areas where the kids in the community sees their message and are inspired to think, or at least they think. Why else you anarchist propaganda and rhetoric be plastered in parks, near schools, and areas where people hang out who may have one same view as them.