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Brick Through Window

Around 10 pm tonight some unknown individiual hurled a brick through one of our large front windows front windows at our Victorian at 21st and Marion. Pure malice? Rather discomforting, to say the least, as it shattered both a large storm window and the lower pane of the window.

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  1. I live down the street and know and have long admired your beautiful home. That is very disappointing. I’m sorry that happened to you.

  2. I live down the street as well. I can’t believe why people do this kind of stuff.

  3. so upsetting! what a scary experience. i watched someone jump on my hood and smash out my car windshield with his feet a few years ago. just for fun. i live a block away. senseless.
    take care,

  4. A neighbor of ours, on 15th near Marion, had a brick hurled through her home’s window in May – while she was home, also at about 10 pm. That might be worth mentioning to the police.