Bottleneck reports would-be burglar scared off by alarm

SPD has security footage of a man busting into E Madison’s Bottleneck Lounge early Wednesday morning. Bottleneck owner Erin Nestor said that her alarm system scared off the would-be burglar:

the bottleneck got broken into this morning at about 4:50 AM.  The guy use a crowbar to bust open the door – he was subsequently scared off by the alarm – and made off with nothing.  We were broken into a couple of years ago and as a direct consequence, installed a camera pointed at that door.  The now police have a great description.  The guy is African American, 30ish, larger in build.  He has a shaved head and a goatee.  He was wearing a light colored jacked with a big insignia on the back – couldn’t make it out – jeans and light colored shoes.  He wore gloves and seemed to know what he was doing.  Anyway, just wanted to give my fellow business owners a heads up.  Alarm systems = good.  I’m off to replace the door!

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