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12th Avenue Stewardship Meeting Tuesday, June 14

All with an interest in the 12th Avenue Neighborhood are encouraged to join the meeting Tuesday, June 14, at 5:30 P.M. at the S.U. Admissions and Alumni Building, 824 12th Avenue (corner of E. Marion).

Meet Michael Willis of Ankrom Moisan Architects the designer of a new seven story mixed-use building planned for the intersection of E. James Way and Broadway. 

Also, the long-postponed mixed-use project at E. Jefferson and Broadway is proceeding again.  Joe Nydahl of Gerding Edlen Development will attend to discuss any changes from the previously discussed plan for that development.

King County has requested ideas/proposals from developers for the replacement of the Juvenile Court and Office Building and the possible development of part or all of the 8 acre Youth Services Center site on 12th Avenue with housing and commercial uses.  Representatives of King County will attend to provide an update on the process for considering the proposals received from developers.

Seattle Housing Authority will provide a brief update on the Yesler Terrace redevelopment and expansion project.

Seattle U. has resumed the process to develop a new Major Institution Master Plan (MIMP), which includes expansion of the campus boundaries and increases in zone-height limits in some areas.  S.U. reps will provide a brief update on the process (the next Seattle U. MIMP Citizens Advisory Committee meeting is scheduled for June 30.)

0 thoughts on “12th Avenue Stewardship Meeting Tuesday, June 14

  1. will CD News be at the event? i was not aware of this meeting until tonight and have work obligations.

    the topics of tonight’s meeting are all exciting for the communitiy. i hope that CD News can report on the happenings of the discussions..


  2. If CD News cannot make it (Scott used to come to all our meetings) we will be sure to post some minutes/notes.