More details about May 4 gunshots near Garfield Community Center

The police report reveals a few more details about a May 4 incident where several shots were fired near Garfield Community Center. Nobody appears to have been injured, but police did arrest three people.

From the police report:

On 5/4/11 at 1614hrs, Radio announced multiple gunshots at the
 , located at 2323 E Cherry St. The call was further updated
that a possible victim car was last seen E/B on E Cherry St from that
location. The car was described as a well-kept white older American-made
two-door car with dark tinted windows. It was occupied by a black male and
black female.
I came into the area from the south. When I arrived at the community
center, I was flagged down by W/  . She stated that she saw a group of
five black males flag down a white car. She then saw one of the males,
described as a black male with shoulder-length dred locks and wearing a red
jacket with black patches, use a black handgun to shoot at the car. All
five males ran to the community center, then south through the playfields
to the teen life center. They then ran eastbound to 25th Av.
 W   flagged me down and said she saw the entire incident. She said
that she also saw the five black males standing between the parking lot and
E Cherry St. She saw the same described black male pull a black handgun out
of his jacket and shoot at the white car. She saw a black female hanging
out the passenger side yelling at the black males as it drove off
eastbound. The black males then ran toward the teen life center.
Multiple witnesses were contacted at the scene by responding Officers.
Witness accounts varied from the shooter shooting north at the car on E
Cherry St to the shooter shooting south at the car in the community center
parking lot. Officers searched both directions for gunshot damage, finding
Five spent .380 caliber casings were located on the sidewalk just south of
the intersection of 24th Av and E Cherry St by Officer George. Officer
 George photographed their placement. I recovered the casings and turned
them over to Officer George for submittal to evidence. Officer Turner #6746
located a possible suspect jacket at   26th Av. Officer George recovered
the jacket and submitted it to evidence.

A car similar to the described victim car that is used by known gang members was stopped, but officers determined the occupants did not take part in the shooting incident, according to the report.

A day after this incident, more shots were fired near the Community Center, this time apparently stemming from a road rage incident.

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