Minister who played music at CD church charged with molesting children

Timothy L. Dampier, a minister who has been involved in youth programs around the Seattle area and in the Central District, has been charged with several counts of child molestation, according to KOMO. Police say Dampier has admitted to several of the incidents and is being held in King County jail on $500,000 bail.

From KOMO:

Dampier has also been involved in a number of Seattle-area youth programs at the Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church, New Hope Baptist Church, Ruth Dykeman Children’s Center, Ruther Child Center, Samuel House, Union Gospel Mission and Seattle Parks and Recreation. He also works as a minister at several Seattle churches, detectives said.

When Dampier was hired as a musician at the Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church in the city’s Central District last month, a member of the church reported having been sexually abused by Dampier when he was 10 years old, according to the statement of probable cause. The man said Dampier abused him inside his van after church functions for three years, and added he was concerned for the safety of the children at the church.

“After hearing the charges, my knees just, my knees physically buckled and my heart just sank,” said Rev. Robert Manaway, pastor of Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church. “Kids would run up and pull his hair, talking, laughing. That’s the interaction we saw with him with children in our church.”

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  1. New hope is the one who reported him to police not Tabernacle.The Pastor knew that he was a sex offender and he offended a child at tha church and did nothing but hold a meeting between tha victom tha predator and Pastor.

  2. If there was a coverup at a church, please tell the police (and KOMO about their inaccuracy on which church blew the whistle.)

  3. I’m with funki. You have to seriously consider why people want to spend so much time with your kids. Churches do seem to be the worst offenders.