Help ‘garden-to-table’ group build fence at MLK and Union plot

It’s “not a ‘keep out’ unfriendly fence,” assures the press release. Rather, it’s just a fence to keep Green Plate Special‘s new garden plot safe. As we reported in January, GPS is a gardening and healthy eating organization designed for at-risk or underserved youth. The group aims to teach youth how to plant, grow, harvest and even cook their own food.

The group, founded by Laura Dewell and Libby Sinclair, has leased the property from the Madrona Company for three years. The company has plans for a large residential building on the site, but they have stalled. Nothing has existed at the site since the area was regraded.

Union is becoming quite the vacant lot urban farming hotspot, as GPS starts to plant just a few blocks from the 22nd and Union Alleycat Acres farm. However, there are still a few vacant lots on Union that don’t have farms…yet.

From GPS:

On May 7 from 10am-5pm, Green Plate Special (GPS) founders invite Central District residents and friends to help build a working fence on property at MLK Jr. and East Union.  Friend and neighbor Jeff McHegg will lead the project. After completion, the fence will support climbing vegetables and fruits planted by middle school youth. Eventually the fence will be decorated with recycled and found objects as well.  This work day is another step toward fulfilling Green Plate Special’s vision to develop a garden-to-table program for low income middle school youth—better to promote middle school students’ understanding and appreciation for food sources and enhance skills to grow and cook now and throughout life.  

Volunteers of all ages are welcome; strong adults are needed especially to dig post holes and erect the fence.  Ideally, this will be a one-day event culminating in a completed fence.  On Friday, May 6, GPS personnel will be at the site to receive materials, mark post-hole locations, and meet community members.  So stop by to lend your support or satisfy your interests on Friday (9-4) if you cannot make it on Saturday the 7th.


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