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Fallen tree blocking Lake Washington Blvd at Olive – Updated

A tree fell on Lake Washington Blvd at E. Olive St. about five minutes ago, and we were there to hear and see it.

I was taking the dog on his evening walk when I heard a loud, repeated cracking sound for about 25 seconds. I thought it was nearby construction work, until I saw a big tree to my left fall down and over Lake Washington Blvd.

The road is now impassible to vehicles, and only passable to cyclists and pedestrian who bushwhack their way through the fallen foliage.

The city has been notified and is on their way to assess the situation.

Although the tree has green new leaves, the base is clearly rotten. It snapped away from another trunk that may be at further risk.

You’ll want to avoid the area is at all possible until things are cleaned up. This blocks a long stretch of the roadway where it runs below a steep cliff, with the only nearest access points at Madrona Dr and McGilvra Blvd.

Update: SDOT crews made quick work of about half the tree, getting one lane of the roadway reopened by the time we walked back by at 9pm. Note that the sidewalk is even more blocked now that the debris is piled up on that side of the street – might want to re-plan your scenic morning jog.


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