911 call nets a felon as string of gun incidents hits Cherry

The 19-year-old man arrested after a 911 call reported he was seen with a gun near Cherry and 21st on Sunday night is a three-time convicted felon, the Seattle PI reports:

The suspect, who is at King County Jail for the fourth time in a year, is being held on $20,000 bail following a Monday afternoon court hearing.

The PI reports that the man has not yet been charged with a crime so is not yet naming the suspect. 

Despite progress made in the area of 23rd and Union and increases in programs designed to help boost the area socially and economically, there are still periods like the past week when gang-related violence flares. CDN has also reported on two instances of vehicle-related gun activity this week. On May 5th, a road rage incident sparked this gunfire near 24th and Cherry. On May 4th, a suspect was arrested after shots were fired near Garfield Community Center at just after 4 in the afternoon.

0 thoughts on “911 call nets a felon as string of gun incidents hits Cherry

  1. Or maybe his 3 felony convictions are the real statement, since there was complaint on previous post of ‘profiling’ when the citizen called 911 to report a man with a gun–the nerve!

    I don’t care if you are white, black or red in the face, show me a gun in the streets of Seattle–I’m calling 911; and I hope my neighbor will too.

  2. Remind me again why guns are legal? Other than for the police, what purpose do the serve? Before responding with the same, tired excuse of “protecting yourself” – can’t you see they do more harm then protection? The “Right to Bear Arms” is archaic and has to relevance in modern day society. All this violence worries me.

  3. He has three felony convictions…shouldn’t he be locked up for life by now according to state law? Or does he actually have to shoot someone and get “community service” or “stay at home detention” under his grandmother’s supervision? Ridiculous.

  4. This guy could be out by now, and he’s mad at the world. I hope you don’t cross his path, because he is not responsible for what he may do.

  5. To me, the most compelling reasons to keep guns legal are that if they are outlawed, you are at the complete mercy of the government. Not that they can’t control you via economic policies, pressure and social engineering, but if things got really bad and you had to take arms against an oppressive government, you couldn’t. And secondly, as with many things that are highly coveted and illegal, you just end up strengthening the black market for it. And I agree that it does seem to cause more observable problems. But I feel the violence created by thieves, gang culture or the illegal drug trade will still exist given that their current channels for obtaining weapons are not usually legal anyway.

  6. agreed Lazara… it was already illegal for this kid, a convicted felon, to have a gun. Making all guns illegal only takes them away from law-abiding citizens. The laws are already there.