Police investigating man found beaten inside vehicle in Mt. Zion church parking lot

We’re still gathering details on this Saturday morning incident involving a man found beaten inside a vehicle parked near 19th Ave and Madison. Updates as we learn more at capitolhillseattle.com.

In the meantime, here’s the SPD report on the investigation:

Man found beaten in a church parking lot

On 4/9/11, at approximately 10:43 a.m., officers responded to 19th Ave E and E. Madison to a church parking lot to investigate an assault.

A passerby called 911 to report a male that looked like he had been assaulted in a vehicle that was parked in a church parking lot.  Seattle Fire Department Aid unit 25 and Seattle Fire Medics responded and treated the victim on scene. The victim was found sitting in the front seat passengers’ side of the listed vehicle and he was unable to speak and had been beaten severely about the head and face.

The 21-year-old victim was transported to Harborview Medical Center for treatment of his injuries. The vehicle was impounded and taken to the processing room.  This is an open and active investigation.

0 thoughts on “Police investigating man found beaten inside vehicle in Mt. Zion church parking lot

  1. I wonder if the time is wrong on that or if that poor kid sat there for 12 hours…..

    Last night (around 10:45 in fact) I was walking home and heard a commotion and some screaming in the church parking lot – I did walk around the corner to take a look, but wasn’t going to get particularly close. There were 3 guys messing around with a gold car – one of them was yelling “pop the trunk”, “pop the trunk”. I thought it was pretty suspicious and I called 911. I assume they sent an officer around to check it out, but then again maybe not…. I wasn’t going to stick around to let them (the kids in the parking lot) see me….

  2. Let me be absolutely clear that I had no idea at the time, if what I saw was in fact related to the reported event, that anyone was being assaulted – the situation just seemed weird and suspicious enough to call it in.

  3. I hope that you contact the police again. Besides providing some information to them, it would be interesting to see if your 911 call is logged, if he did sit there for 12 hours (damn) and why no response was made until the morning.