Churchgoer punches attempted purse snatcher near 19th and Spring

A woman leaving a church fought back when a man tried to steal her purse while she was getting in her car near 19th and Spring around 1:30 p.m. April 9. She was able to fight the suspect off and get away safely, according to the police report.

The woman told police she had her keys out and was about to get in her car when the suspect came from behind her and tried to grab her purse. The strap was on her left shoulder with the bag on her right hip, and the strap did not break when he pulled.

She knocked her head on the car a couple times, but retained control of the bag.

She turned around and punched the suspect in the face several times. The suspect let go of the bag and backed away, bleeding. Her punches may have broken the suspect’s nose, she told police.

The suspect fled empty-handed. The woman got in her car and drove to safety, where she met with police. Her hands and head were a little sore, but she declined medical attention. A check for fingerprints and blood on the car and at the scene were not successful.

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  1. The article says 1:30 pm. If I remember correctly, the weather was pretty decent on Saturday and it was bright out.

  2. You rock, girlfriend!
    I know we’re not “supposed” to fight back, but sometimes, it’s what we ‘need’ to do!