Molly Moon’s ‘micro shop’ coming to Madrona

After months of polling the city, Molly Moon’s has chosen the next sites for their popular ice cream shops. Madrona will be getting a “micro shop,” which will sell pints and serve scoops.

UPDATE 3/15: The shop will be inside Madrona Laundromat near 34th Ave and Union, which was recently renovated. Also, to clarify the release below, they will be serving prepackaged scoops in cups with lids, not prepackaged cones.

From Molly Moon’s:

Molly Moon Neitzel today announced that she is expanding her ice cream family this summer with a new scoop shop in Queen Anne and new “micro” concept shop in Madrona. 

Neighborhoods for the new locations were selected by Molly Moon’s enthusiasts during the three-month long “Shop 3, where will it be?” campaign that encouraged Seattle’s ice cream lovers to, despite the frosty weather, visit Moon’s ice cream truck while it set-up shop in their respective ‘hoods.


“I’m so excited to be welcoming two new neighborhoods in to our Molly Moon’s family” said Neitzel. “I love that Molly Moon’s is a place where families and friends can create memories and I can’t wait for Queen Anne and Madrona residents to have the opportunity make the new shops a part of their communities.”


Queen Anne, Seattle’s most-devoted ice cream eating neighborhood this winter, will be receiving its well-deserved scoop shop in July of 2011. Stay tuned, as the location is still being solidified and will be announced in the coming weeks.


Madrona, the runner-up in the “Shop 3” campaign, will be awarded a Molly Moon’s micro-shop in May of 2011. This petite version of a Molly Moon’s scoop shop will serve pre-packaged pints and scoops of Moon’s delicious ice cream, sorbet-sicles, and ice cream sandwiches.


In celebration of this exciting news, the Molly Moon’s ice cream truck will give away kids scoops this Saturday, March 19, from Noon to 2 p.m. while parked at Buggy in Madrona. The kids in Queen Anne will receive free scoops on Sunday, March 20, from Noon to 2 p.m. while the truck is parked at 2231 Queen Anne Ave. N.

0 thoughts on “Molly Moon’s ‘micro shop’ coming to Madrona

  1. Molly Moons is hype. Full Tilt is the real deal in Col City. The owners give back to the community. Food Bank ice cream fundraisers, you name it. Great place for kids parties, adult ice cream parties and a great excuse to take the LRail from dwtn and walk to get their custom ice cream flavors. Vegan options too!

  2. Um, again, huge investment backed over-hyped poor quality ice cream. Not homemade…bagged mix. NOT organic as she initial advertised (says so on her website…now the milk is only hormone-free… not organic). Who opens 2 shops at once and why the heck would we want a place that sell prepackaged stuff? If I am gonna go buy packaged ice cream I will go to the store. And the hype about the salted carmel…check her reviews…. I agree…it is like a salt-lick. No thanks!

  3. OK, so you don’t like it, obviously many people DO.
    If you don’t like it, don’t go to Molly Moons. If you prefer Full Tilt GO there, but it’s not necessary to insult a business that’s contemplating an investment in our neighborhood. I don’t buy ice cream out all that much, but still enjoy an occasional Molly Moons AND Full Tilt. I can’t always get to Columbia City…or Capital Hill when I want a cone or a pint.

  4. No need to bash her… I’ll have to agree the salted caramel is waaaaay too salty, but it still seems like she puts out a good local product with as many local and/or organic ingredients as possible. There’s room in this city for more than one ice cream shop.

  5. Glad to hear about the outlet – will be interesting to see how it works.

    Welcome to Madrona Miss Molly.

  6. I guess I didn’t word my comment very well. I LOVE the salted caramel. It is frozen purfection!

  7. Welcome, Molly. Happy to have businesses that say they want to be a positive part of the community. I mean, cheering up laundry day has to be good, right?

    I hope this doesn’t carry the too-negative tone of some of these comments, because I mean it to be constructive. But the overwrought, PR-slick language in your press release is a bit of a turn-off. “Madrona . . . will be awarded a Molly Moon’s micro-shop.” Awarded? Really? We are lucky, I suppose. But aren’t we neighborhood denizens the ones who do the awarding? You know, with our dollars for good product and service?

  8. I don’t know why so many people are hating on an ice cream shop and feel the need to disparage one business in support of another. I love ice cream and am glad to have Molly Moon’s shop in the neighborhood.

  9. It wasn’t you – it was “K” who doesn’t like the salted caramel….. I had it once, and I thought too salty… overpowers the caramel. I had a taste of the strawberry balsamic and it was very good.

  10. As with pizza, bagels, and BBQ, feelings run high. Embrace the diversity! Try that deep dish once in a while! It won’t dilute your identity.
    Molly Moon has style and flavors that are a few cuts above Baskin Robbins, and I will appreciate having a local store. She is not asking you to invest, just try a pint!

  11. The salted caramel mixed with Theo Chocolate (they do half scoops of each!) is pretty awesome!

  12. Me too! Negative people seem to post more — I am excited they are coming here and can hardly wait for hot summer nights and a stroll to the ice cream shop. We are fortunate to get them! Molly Moons will be a great addition. Why on earth do people complain? I would be sad if I lived in Madison Park and lost my bookstore to Key Bank, but adding Molly Moon’s to the Laudromat? Nothing but good!

  13. I think the Theo Chocolate mixed with Cinnamon makes it all come together. At least one, one mile uphill walk from my place to Madrona will be rewarded this summer. . .

  14. Wow, K, so much negativity over ice cream! Where do you get your information about the “bagged mix” comment you made? I have heard nothing like that before and don’t see any references to that claim.
    I respect Molly for working to make the best choices she can when it comes to wholesome, local ingredients. And I’m psyched to hear that she’s doing well.
    The fact that we have so many great local ice cream shops is fantastic, and should be celebrated!
    (that said I must admit that my favorite spot for delicious ice cream is Bluebird – Josh does a wonderful job!!)

  15. Lighten up on the “haters” – they are as entitled to an opinion as you or I – and not everyone shares the same tastes. My opinion? I’ve been underwhelmed by the cones/prepackaged pints/taste spoons I’ve tried (and tried! – I want to like MM ice cream!). But that doesn’t mean I don’t welcome the business to the neighborhood (or that I won’t try it again on occasion. . .).

  16. You two were rigth! I finally went to Full Tilt In Colum City. KILLER ICE CREAM – THE BEST! Good video games too. We need that in Madrona!