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Irish pub coming to 12th Avenue!

The vacant building and former speakeasy next to Dixon’s Furniture on 12th Avenue will soon be home to an Irish pub called the Chieftain. The folks opening the Chieftain own McGilvra’s in Madison Park and Finn MacCool’s in the U District.

Expect pizza, games, quiz nights, an outdoor deck, and of course Guinness at the Chieftain. The owners hope to open the space by early summer.

Check out more info here.

0 thoughts on “Irish pub coming to 12th Avenue!

  1. … did they not get the memo that Seattle U changed their mascot from the chieftains to the redhawks because using a person as a mascot is kind of inappropriate? come on.

  2. Ummmm, many bars and pubs are named after people. How is that the same as a mascot?

  3. If you read the Seattle Met article this one linked to it mentions the mascot name change and acknowledges SU doesn’t have that mascot anymore, but it’s rather to pay homage. It’s mostly just to set a local mood, not to be a college bar. I think it sounds cool, and I’m looking forward to the outdoor patio this summer!