UPS driver finds emaciated dog at Denny-Blaine Park

Anyone who recognizes this very emaciated dog or has any information should contact Seattle Animal Shelter, King 5 reports. From Seattle Animal Shelter:

Yesterday, an emaciated dog was found roaming in the area of Denny Blaine Park and has been taken to the Seattle Animal Shelter. The badly emaciated dog was found by a UPS driver and was in need of medical attention. Shelter staff is calling the dog “Doggie B.”

If you recognize Doggie B or have information, please call Shelter Enforcement Supervisor Ann Graves at (206)386-4288. The case number is 1329.

The shelter will hold Doggie B for three days then evaluate him for fostering or adoption.

The Seattle Animal Shelter is open Wednesday through Sunday, noon to 6 p.m. for adoptions and licensing. It is located at 2061 – 15th Ave. W. The phone number is (206)386-PETS(7387). Animals available for adoption can be viewed online at

0 thoughts on “UPS driver finds emaciated dog at Denny-Blaine Park

  1. Seriously, good lord! Please ID who did this, charge them with animal cuelty and find the dog a good home. So sad, but glad he was picked up and is safe.

  2. Ugh…that picture is startling and disturbing. That poor dog, and so many like it. I hope the criminals are caught and this poor animal can be brought back to health and finds a good home.

  3. I want to just give him a hug and show him the love that no one has shown him before. That poor boy. If he is in need of a foster home please let me know.

  4. I’m sure he will be needing a home. I would contact the Seattle Animal Shelter and see if they’ve evaluated him yet for fostering. I know, I was thinking the same thing. I hope you call, and let us know what you find out.

  5. This happened to dogs chained up behind a house in the valley near where I used to live. The owner had gone to jail. From jail he was unable to reach family to ask someone to go take care of the dogs. The dogs became emaciated enough that animal control finally responded to calls from neighbors. When it happened again 4 years later, the dogs froze to death chained up in the back yard during a big snow.

  6. purposeful or not, it is still neglect. if he truly had ‘family’ and was in jail then SOMEONE should have realized he was gone and that the dogs would need attention. it would take a long time for a dog to look that bad, unless it was already underweight. what about neighbors? wouldn’t they see or hear anything? it’s so sad.

  7. I would recommend calling the Seattle Animal Shelter and asking about Doggie B. I’m sure if you told them you’re a concerned community member they would be happy to talk to you about him. Plus they’ll need a foster or forever home for him, so they should be willing to let neighbors know. If you find anything out please let us know.

  8. I just spoke with someone at the Seattle Animal Shelter. She said the dog is doing well, eating, drinking etc and is scheduled to move to a foster home soon. No owner has come forward at this point. If the foster home goes well he will be available for adoption. Anyone interested should call the Seattle Animal Shelter, and speak to the Animal Care Staff. They only answer the phones Wednesday – Sunday, from noon -6 pm. Their number is 206.386.4294
    He does have a case number but she didnt have it on hand. You could call and explain who he is and use the name Doggie B.

  9. Thank you for looking in on him. It would be great if a local resident to give him a safe home – and then we could get regular updates on him in the future. No owner is ever going to come forward – we need to rely on neighbors and witnesses at this point. Glad he’s being taken care of.

  10. thanks for the info. I emailed them about fostering him. I’m not sure it’ll work because I have two females and one is picky as to who her friends are, but I wanted to at least extend the offer.

  11. There are thousand of abused and neglected children in our area who also need this outpour of support. Probably more so as they will actually affect the world you live in in the future. Please consider financial support to our youth services and adopting from our foster care system. It is much more emotionally difficult – they will challenge you and you can not project your own feelings into their reactions, but it will be all the more worthwhile. The world you save may be your own.

  12. I emailed Salty Dog rescue and offered my home as a foster home for him but my home involves 2 dogs and 2 cats. For many dogs this would be fine but that’s just too much for this poor guy. I expected that and understand – but I feel better for at least offering. I did extend my help (experienced with the breed, training, conditioning, etc) so we’ll see if I can be of use in some other way.

  13. This dog was in really bad shape he tried stepping into my truck but could barely lift his leg up. I gave him some treats and he was very welcoming and let me pet him. The shelter called me and thanked me and also let me know that he was going to be okay and that he was a very friendly dog. The vets and anyone who had dealt with him all said that they fell in love with him. I would love to adopt him but I don’t have the space for a larger dog. If anyone does adopt him locally I would love to come and see him. P.S. on a side note I found a missing cat that same day & called the owner and now the cats back at home. I guess you can just call me Pet detective…lol I fit the profile.

  14. Thank you for having a heart and making sure he fell into the appropriate hands. Big time good karma points for you!

  15. For caring about our neighborhood! And for making sure my packages get to me in one piece. :)