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Judkins Street Cafe opening February 15

As we reported on February 9, Charlie’s Flame Broiled Burgers closed their doors on February 12 after just over a year in their location at 2608 S Judkins St.  Thankfully Madison Valley resident Michael McGloin has purchased the building, is giving it a quick update with new interior paint and signage, and is opening Judkins Street Cafe in the location on Tuesday, February 15. 

McGloin said his chef, Steel Orr, has worked in the restaurant business off and on for decades and will be creating classic comfort food, including homemade soups, natural beef burgers, mac ‘n cheese, and lasagna.  They will also have veggie options.  The Judkins Street Cafe menu will also offer selected sweets and pastries in the morning.  The cafe will have a minimal set menu and offer multiple specials that change depending on what is in season and what can be purchased locally.  The restaurant will be serving La Panzanella breads and offer Cafe Vita drip and french press coffees, but no espresso at this time.

“We’ll see,” said McGloin.  “We’ll see what the neighborhood wants and adjust the menu and service accordingly.” 

Judkins Street Cafe will have a soft opening on Tuesday, February 15.  Their regular hours will be Tuesday-Friday, 8:00 am to 8:00 pm, Saturday and Sunday from 9:00 am to 8:00 pm, and they will be closed on Mondays.  

16 thoughts on “Judkins Street Cafe opening February 15

  1. As someone that lives right around the corner, it would be nice to have an Espresso option within walking distance that isn’t Starbucks. I can’t speak for the rest of the neighborhood, but you’d have mine and my wife’s business.

  2. Good luck! Another brunch option in the vicinity would be nice, too. Any chance of brunch being offered?

  3. … and if there is brunch, make sure that there is a tofu scramble and hash browns. They are both way easy!

  4. Definitely a thumbs up on the espresso option. I think providing some focus on espresso/americanos/latte availability will reallllllly up the traffic to your business.

  5. A few additional comments cut and paste from the other charlies/judkins cafe thread:

    Welcome to the neighborhood. I’ve lived w/in one block of your soon-to-be cafe for over 8 yrs and am crossing my fingers that your cafe plans include cafe hours and espresso and pastry/donut/muffin offerings! I believe you have an untapped stream of business waiting for you if you will consider keeping “cafe” hours and being available for morning and afternoon coffee drinks for the community of parents that now stream in and out of Thurgood Marshall school. There are also plenty of neighbors who would love to give their “morning latte” dollars to a locally owned cafe – – and lots of bike commuters moving along the I-90 bike trail that would love a good place for a break.

    The Meza Luna Cafe that previously occupied the space almost had the recipe for success for that location, but unfortunately, only opened after 8:30am and so missed a lot of the morning traffic.

    The neighborhood loved their Stumptown coffee offerings!

    Hope these comments may be useful..
    Best of luck!
    Comment by Cafe Neighbor
    4 days ago

    RE: charlies moving on
    Yay, Michael! Welcome. I’d like to add, Mezza Luna closed before the new school program began at Thurgood Marshall, so they never got to take advantage of all those parents driving in from as far away as West Seattle. Parents and staff have badly wanted a plain old cafe nearby. If Mezza Luna could have stuck it out a few more months, they would have been ok.
    Also, you will find takers for vegan options. Nuff said.

    Comment by Former Mezza Luna fan

  6. I’m so excited! Looking forward to having some healthy food within walking distance. My husband is a vegetarian but I’m not so it’s nice to have both options. Well definitely be there- good luck. Will you serve beer or wine? Might be nice in the evening…

  7. Another vote for the coffee and pastries! I transfer from the 48 to the I-90 freeway buses at Judkins and if I miss the bus and have a long wait, I’d love to be able to stop and grab coffee, even if it’s not espresso. I think there’s an untapped market in the neighborhood. As far as I know there are no coffee shops south of Dearborn between Rainier and 23rd either.

  8. Couldn’t stop by opening night, but saw JSC was busy for dinner. I’m “hungry” for reviews! (heh heh) What’s the good word, diners?

  9. In reference to seakaypenner’s question – By “cafe hours” I meant the hours kept by a typical seattle coffee shop or cafe interested in maximizing their morning business – – i.e. tuogo, cafe weekend, victrola cafe, soho, the hi-spot. They’re awake and open for folks grabbing drinks on the way to work (i’m referencing “typical” daytime work schedules only), and still serving coffee/tea/pastries/etc thru mid-morning and afternoon as well. 8am start time or even a 7am start time.

  10. Walked by today, wanted to see what was going on…. no menu posted. No hours posted….

    Windows so filthy… could not see inside. What I could see… not much of an upgrade.

    Why doesn’t someone spend a little money and make it look like something more than a DIVE!!!

  11. It’s great to see all of these comments. It’s been a crazy couple of days since we’ve opened, and we’re very excited to be in the neighborhood! Thank you for your patience as we figure out the menu, and also the kitchen. We planned this soft opening so that we could have time to streamline what we’re doing before a grand opening in May. Please keep letting us know what you like, what you don’t like and what you’d like to see. We will do our best to adjust our offerings according to your wishes, including a brunch menu and espresso. We also just received our beer and wine license this week and will be adding these to our menu within the next couple of weeks.

    Let me assure you that we are investing in both the business and the community. A replacement window has been ordered and it will be installed in about two weeks. The problem is a crack with moisture not dirt.

  12. The story said it was a soft opening, and they were starting two days after the last business ended, so it wasn’t like a major remodel was possible – paint and signage and that was about it for now.

    I am looking forward to trying it! Michael, I’ll try to make it in this weekend. Thanks again for giving us the inside scoop even as you’re still getting settled.

  13. Cafe Weekend is strictly espresso, sweets, snacks & treats. It has been servicing the Jackson Place, Judkins, & N. Rainier Valley neighbors for over two years with Caffe Vita espresso & farm direct & organic coffees. They are located on Hiawatha Place btwn S. Dearborn/ S. Charles. Stop by & enjoy a few other local business neighbors when your in the neighborhood (Working Dog Bicycle, My World Dance & Fitness, C art Gallery, Hiawatha Artists, Budd & Co). A perfect walk thru Sam Smith Park or the perfect stop on your way to the 1-90.

    ….congrats to Michael & Judkins Park, excited for more businesses in the neighborhood & dinner too.

  14. Stopped by today and took the judkins burger to go. Was told that the fryer was down so no fries (bummer), they sub’d in some new potatoes. They made an adjustment on the price since there were no fries. Thank you!

    Can’t complain about the service – staff was very friendly!

    The food – burger was good – fries would have made it better, but will be going back! The bun was nothing special, but the meat was moist and had good flavor.

    Question for the staff – what type of fries will you be serving?

    I recommend you stop by and I recommend the judkins burger.

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