Former Madison Park Starbucks employee politely holds up Shell

West Seattle Blog reports that the so-called “polite robber” in the video above is the same man who went on a bank robbery spree in 2003 after quiting his job at a Starbucks in Madison Park. Then, he was called the “Transaction Bandit” due to his habit of asking tellers for small change before telling them to empty the till, according to a 2003 article in the Seattle Times.

Gregory Paul Hess was caught in 2003 by some of his former Starbucks co-workers, who recognized his photo in the paper. He pleaded guilty and was not released from prison until 2007, reports WSB. No charges have been filed yet in this case.

As was the case with his 2003 arrest, he was identified by people who recognized him after the above video, from a West Seattle Shell station, gained popularity online.

0 thoughts on “Former Madison Park Starbucks employee politely holds up Shell

  1. This guys is nuts and belongs behind bars. What kinda crook thanks the guy he’s holding up then repeatedly says, sorry?!? Holy cow. The kicker is the teller says thank you at the end! Wow. Just. Wow.

  2. the robber sounded much more nervous than the clerk, but he did have the presence of mind to remember his coffee. hard times, desperate measures, no way he’s going to make it in a life of crime.