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Update on solutions to Garfield High School Overcrowding

Solutions for Overcrowding at Garfield Presented

Garfield’s current enrollment is about 1780 and the capacity of the school is about 1680. Due to the fact that more students than had been anticipated could show up again next year, the District has proposed a number of possible ideas or various combinations of ideas to offer a solution.  By the end of December it appeared that the Board and District staff were leaning toward a combination that included decreasing or closing the open choice seats at Garfield for next year, developing a voluntary  International Baccalaureate/APP option at Ingraham High School, tweaking the southern boundary between Garfield and Franklin, a split schedule, allowing any students who live in the Garfield area first choice on any other high school they might want to attend, and as a last resort possibly placing portables on the site.  These were all in hopes of finding a balance between being prepared and not overreacting, which might result in shutting students out unnecessarily.

The School Board will be making a final decision on January 19th as a part of the Transition Plan 2011-12 which will determine the rules for phasing-in the New Student Assignment Plan.  Comments should be addressed to the School Board members and public comment will be allowed at the beginning of the meetings below. Contact and public testimony information can be found:

School Board Meetings

Jan. 5, 6 p.m., School Board meeting –Transition Plan introduction, JSCEE Auditorium

Jan. 19, 6 p.m., School Board meeting –Transition Plan vote, JSCEE Auditorium

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  2. According to the map on p. 20 of the link above, residents who live south of I-90 but north of Walker would have their new high schoolers assigned to Franklin rather than Garfield. Current Garfield students who live in that area would be grandfathered in and allowed to stay at Garfield.