Tougo hopes to re-open this weekend — UPDATE

Here’s the note Tougo posted to Facebook Wednesday afternoon, a week after we reported their plea for $10,00 in help to cover taxes owed to the City of Seattle.

To our wonderful community THANK YOU!

Through all of the efforts we have put in, the finances that were raised, the dept of rev, and some cold days at the Tougo Coffee/Curbside Coffee Tent we should have both shops up and running in the next couple of days.

We, I thank you all so very much, for the bottom of our cups

We Care Deeply for you!

UPDATE: We heard back from Wells but he was not willing to tell us more about how the problems with owed taxes were solved. Here’s his e-mail message:

 Justin, i’m not interested in the negative things that some people are bound to say. This is the joy of “freedom of Speech”.  I just prefer show them love and kindness, which is what community means to me.

Tougo Coffee Co has a responsibiltiy to  our community which is our family and don’t have time, nor will we make time to feed into negative comments.

We know what we have been trying to provide over the last few years and this shows in our community.

To the CD/Madrona/ColumbiaC/CH/SU all the parents that love the kids room,  adults that love the study room, and the “snugglers” that love the living room. Thank You!

I appreciate all support, encouragent and hugs this past of year.
I love you guys for that

Thank you
I appreciate you being a part of
Tougo Coffee Co’s community.

Post please

We should be open in the next few days, barring any hiccups waiting for a reissue of the forms.

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  1. I’ve had a pit in my stomach these past few days! Tougo is NEEDED in the CD and I can’t wait for your doors to reopen. Good luck Brian!!