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Stories, Music and Laughter: Bridget Quigg’s One-Woman Show

Leschi resident Bridget Quigg is playing her one-woman show, “Almost Female: A Jockette’s Awesome Journey” in Wallingford at The Upstage Theater on Stone Way. Quigg’s shows are selling out so she recently extended her run to include Jan. 28-29 and Feb. 4-5.

In a recent interview with theater reviewer Rosemary Jones of The Examiner, Quigg describes her show as “a series of stories around a theme, with original songs woven in. I tell about my journey from a conservative, Catholic, tomboy, through awkward, adolescent mishaps, to a woman who’s happy to enjoy her version of feminine appeal and let go of any rules she was given by others about being female.”

Quigg was also recently interviewed by Linda Thomas, KIRO’s “News Chick.” In the podcast, Quigg shares examples of some of the stories she tells and how audiences are reacting. Quigg had a recent audience member write her and say,  “Your show filled my chest with laughter, my eyes with tears, and my mind with questions about my own life. Best $15 I’ve spent in years.”

You can support this Central District artist by checking out her show either this weekend or next. Quigg likes to stay around afterwards and talk to her audience members. Let her know that you saw her story here.

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