Neighbor warns of 21st Ave daytime burglaries

Over the weekend, neighbor Ellie posted a note warning of burglary activity in her part of the Central District to the CDNews Facebook page:

Two DAY TIME burglaries on the 21st Ave/Terrace block in the past few days!

Below is a map showing other reported break-ins this week in that area of the neighborhood. Full reports aren’t available from the break-ins noted by Ellie but reports for two incidents along Yesler are. In one, nothing was taken as an alarm sounded when the home’s basement door was opened *after* somebody had broken in through a window. In the other, about $150 in change was stolen from a home where police could find no obvious means of entry and the resident swore she had locked her deadbolt. You can click the map to view latest information from SeattleCrime.


0 thoughts on “Neighbor warns of 21st Ave daytime burglaries

  1. there were two break in’s in december south of terrace and north of yesler -and one other in january that are not shown on the map.

    busted through the back door. from my place, they took what could fit in a back pack and the tv.

    something is going on.