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Lost Wallet-RETURNED!

Over the weekend, I posted about my lost wallet.  Today, I was overjoyed to have it returned to me, EXACTLY as I left it.  Someone found it and used my driver’s license to mail it back to me.  They did not leave their name, but maybe if they are reading this, they will know how overjoyed I was to have it back and how grateful I am that they did such a selfless act.  Thank you, anonyomous person…you made my day, week, month!  Just a reminder that good people do exist and kindness can happen when you least expect it!

0 thoughts on “Lost Wallet-RETURNED!

  1. I’m not a philosopher, but I suspect that the world only really works if most of us are good and caring.

    Still nice to see it in action though!

  2. always nice to read the good news too! Thanks for sharing & glad you got your wallet back complete

  3. Glad you got your wallet back! Too bad you don’t know who found it and sent it to you, BUT, many raves to that person! This is a real feel good outcome!!!!!!

  4. I had given up hope for you, having seen no comments on your post. I’m so glad to hear someone did the right thing. That is wonderful!

  5. Things like this are great to read. I’m glad you got your wallet back intact, and good karma to the wonderful person who returned it to you.