Investigation of alleged rape by UW athlete complete

Police have completed their investigation into allegations that an unnamed UW basketball player raped a 16-year-old Eastside girl in an apartment near Garfield High School. According to KIRO, who first reported the story a few weeks ago, SPD has referred the case to the King County Prosecutor. There have been no charges or arrests.

From KIRO:

According to police documents, the girl met the athlete on Facebook and met up with him at an apartment near Garfield High School, where the alleged rape took place.

The University of Washington later said that the athlete in question was a member of the men’s basketball team.

UW men’s basketball Coach Lorenzo Romar said earlier this month that there was “not enough information” for the university to take any action at that time.

It’s unclear what evidence or information is contained in the police investigation, which is now in the hands of prosecutors.

A spokesman with the prosecutor’s office said that a decision on whether to charge the athlete should be made within the week.

0 thoughts on “Investigation of alleged rape by UW athlete complete

  1. Even if you THINK you know who it is, you don’t know the facts, unless of course, you do…in which case you should only be speaking to the police.

  2. Agree with Gracie. Also, you (wave) should realize the investigation is complete and the prosecuting office is analyzing the outcome in order to move forward with charges or not. It’s called due process. Do you have information that is not part of the investigation? Probably not. Irresponsible and ignorant comment “wave”.

  3. There was a comment that I deleted that pointed a finger at a certain player. Wave was responding to that comment. We don’t know enough to point fingers and name people.

  4. Thanks for the clarification Tom. Makes me wonder what guidelines you are going to use in deleting comments? Some obvious things come to mind but I am wondering if you can help clarify your approach so I don’t make any assumptions? Thank you.