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Chief Diaz at January 27 EPCPC Meeting

Seattle Police Department’s Chief John Diaz will be our featured guest at the Thursday, January 27 East Precinct Crime Prevention Coalition meeting.

Do you have public safety concerns in your neighborhood? Questions about future plans for police staffing, Crime Prevention Coordinators, and other items impacted by budget cuts? Any other relevant matters?  Here’s a chance to ask Chief Diaz in person! 

The agenda provides as much time as possible to address your concerns, however, due to an expected large turnout, we are requesting that you come at 6PM sharp to sign up as a speaker. If you are part of a group or common neighborhood, please prepare your items as a collaborative unit.  Comments/questions will be limited to one minute.

Those that do not get a chance to speak, or prefer confidentiality, can complete a form that we will give directly to Chief Diaz.

Also please note our change of venue to the Seattle University Campus, Chardin Hall (Formerly the Bessie Sullivan Building) at 11th and Jefferson.  This location is very accessible; just enter the campus driveway at Jefferson at 11th and park free in the lot. Enter through the double doors and turn right.

We look forward to seeing everyone next week!


East Precinct Crime Prevention Coalition
Thursday, January 27, 6 PM to 7:45 PM
Seattle University Chardin Hall, Room 142
1020 East Jefferson 98122

0 thoughts on “Chief Diaz at January 27 EPCPC Meeting

  1. I would like to clarify with Chief Diaz whether 3 inch knives are legal to carry in Seattle.

    Law says yes, but SPD says a closed knife is as dangerous as an open blade and it’s their job to stop me.

    So which is it?

  2. One minute for a comment? Either they’re expecting a big turnout or they don’t want to hear what people want to say…

  3. We just want as many as possible to have a chance to speak.
    All in the interest of fairness….

  4. thank you for this opportunity to address my concern. My daughter lives at 843 hiawatha place south. It is an artist lofts residence a few years old. As of Decmber, there were at least 2 people livin g in vans on that hiawatha block. Each nite the curtains would be drawn. There were also 2 other people with no vehicle, one of whom found shelter behind the building. I know they can legally park for a certain amount of hours before moving, but their constant habitation outside her building has caused her sufficient stress to write to you. Can they be offered another parking spot after residing on this block for over 2 months? I do not want to hurt these homeless people, but their presence is hurting her.



  5. They have 72 hours to move once ticketed. If this was near the corner of Sandpoint Way and Windermere it would be less than a day. Welcome to the containment zone.

  6. From LT. Joel Guay, East Precinct, regarding calling 911:

    “The Seattle Police Department recommends that a person call 911 anytime they see criminal activity, or suspicious activity that concerns them, and provide as much detail about what is going on as they can. Doing that allows us the best opportunity to dispatch officers to appropriately address the situation at the time it is occurring. We look forward to hearing from any resident in that area who has a concern about this or any other issue.”

    If your daughter needs further assistance, please have her email Seattle Neighborhood Group’s Edward Prince, East Precinct Coordinator at [email protected].
    Hope this helps…and your daughter is welcome to attend our EPCPC meetings as well.

  7. Eyes, that is not true, get the chip off of your shoulder and stop the north end hate. All precincts have experienced cuts, and all have been dealing with prioritizing issues and calls. Your comment will do nothing to come up with a solution, pessimism is not an answer to anything. I recommend this daughter call the non emergency line, at 625-5011 option 2, then 8, often and with urgency about the the 72 hour ordinance of moving this vehicle. and also be in touch w/ the east precinct about the trespassers that are sleeping on the property.

  8. I disagree. The police have told my neighbor and me to call 911, NOT the non-emergency number, to report anything and everything, as a way to up patrols and attention to the area’s problems. We have also had people camping out in vans near our house in the past. We also have stolen cars ditched in front of our home sometimes. The police officers have told us to call 911 for these types of things, as well as the drug dealing, etc.

  9. for a long long time. That said though, my best friend got the police to intervene on an active drug dealer selling out of his house in the 900 block (right next door to her Mom’s house) a few years ago. Took a month or so but the police were very responsive.

  10. PB: Please do not insult our intelligence, it has been admitted by police officers and city councilpersons.
    No one “hates” the north end, that is your delusion so keep it to yourself.

  11. I was unable to attend tonight. Anyone know of a link to where I can get some info on what was asked/discussed?