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Things look good for Capitol Hill Housing’s 12th and E Jefferson project

Corner of 12th and E Jefferson

After a year-long wait and much City process, Capitol Hill Housing’s 12th and E Jefferson project successfully received a rezone from the Seattle City Council on December 13th!! On December 15th, we were notified of funding from Washington Works through the WA State Housing Finance Commission. More great news!!

Things are looking good for construction to start at this key intersection in the coming year! 

Project details:

  • 40 affordable apartments for neighborhood workers earning up to 60% of area median ($36,000 for a single person, $41,000 for 2-person family)
  • 5 stories of one- and two-bedroom apartments
  • One level (5,000 sq feet) of commercial spaces designed for local businesses
  • Building design and program supported by the local community

0 thoughts on “Things look good for Capitol Hill Housing’s 12th and E Jefferson project

  1. This is who CHH is here to help? People who earn between $36,000 and $41,000 per annum? If you are earning that much you don’t need help renting an apartment. The people who need housing are people who are earning $1100/mo, like myself. You can’t get cheap housing in Seattle these days unless you are dirt poor, disabled or homeless. The original idea of Capitol Hill Housing was to provide affordable housing for the group who are too poor for high rents, but earn too much to get welfare and section 8. What ever happened to the idea of helping people with low incomes – especially since more and more people are in that category these days? Nowadays, that group is left out in the cold – literally.
    When I moved into CHH housing 14 years ago, I was paying $390/mo for an apartment and my income was about $12,000/year. Now, my income is about the same (thanks to the recession) and my CHH rent is almost $700/mo.. Now they are building apartments I could never afford. I have never earned even $30,000/yr in my entire life. CHH is no longer helping those who need it. They are just another profit making corporation out to make money from those who have it – and let the others eat cake!