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Pratt Fine Arts holiday sale finds new home in Pioneer Square

The Pratt Fine Arts Center annual holiday sale is a Central District tradition — that has moved out of the Central District.

In 2009, the art sale was moved off-site from the center’s 19th S. and S. Main home to the vacant retail space in the Legacy at Pratt Park Apartments. This year, Pratt relocated the sale to Pioneer Square, a location that despite being smaller, offers additional foot traffic due to its close proximity to Safeco Field and downtown, organizers say.

The Art Sale also had the opportunity to be featured in the First Thursday art walk last week. The new space at 155 S. Main Street is no stranger to hosting art galleries, and it came well-equipped with proper display window cases and lighting units, making for less labor-intensive setup by the art sale staff. Overall, the new Pioneer Square location has seen increased walk-in traffic, and increased potential to find a new part of the community to get the word out about Pratt Fine Arts Center, communications director Grace Meils said.

The 2010 sale began on December 2nd, and runs through the 11th, open from 10am to 7pm. The gallery space is brightly lit and full of tables showcasing a variety of art for sale, including glass art, paintings, jewelry, and arts and crafts. Proceeds benefit both local artists and the Pratt Fine Arts Center.

Pratt Fine Arts Center is a place for artists of all ages and abilities to learn and create in the form of glass, jewelry, metal, sculpture, and 2D art.  Meils said hosting the annual at the center was beneficial since it brought visitors into the studios, but also difficult since it required temporary dismantling of art studios, causing displacement of students and artists.

Each year, the Holiday Art Sale raises close to $100,000, which is split between Pratt and other associated artists. Since Pratt is non-profit, 40% of proceeds support Pratt operations, while 60% goes to the artist. Organizers say the sale is a way to support artists in promoting themselves and their work. It’s a great place to shop. But the bigger goals of promoting creativity and artistic appreciation are more important than the cash.

0 thoughts on “Pratt Fine Arts holiday sale finds new home in Pioneer Square

  1. I am happy to know where it is and sad to know that it isn’t in the CD. The walk-in traffic is probably key.

  2. besides the hassle of parking in pioneer square, i gotta say that the sale this year is seriously MUCH more expensive than in years past I have been shopping at their art sale every year for the past ten years, and while it used to be a place to get really great deals on nice art pieces, that is no longer the case. there was a piece in this year’s sale very similar to one i bought last year….last year it was $80, this year $185….

    i dont know if the higher prices are to offset higher rents in pioneer square, or what…but i urge them to reconsider both pricing and location for future years.

    really NOT worth the trip to pioneer square IMHO

  3. I believe the move to Pioneer Square was to try something new and coincide the opening with First Thursday’s Art Walk. It also moves traffic away from Pratt, which is continuing to hold classes.

    There are plenty of bargains and almost half of the proceeds go to benefit the art center.